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Don’t shout at the telly: Should we swallow Foie Gras?


Should we swallow Foie Gras?

As restaurants take Foie Gras off the menu, in this ‘on the sofa’ discussion, Kirk Leech argues that we shouldn’t worry about eating it and that the detractors have got it wrong. Our intolerance of life style choices is a problem he argues, force feeding ducks is not. Respondents debate the issue and discuss the animal rights angle, reducing humans to the level of ducks, posh food, production and campaign violence. More than a culinary culture war is on the cards.

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Sarah Kelly said:

OK agree with further points on my point but another thing this tolerance thing I didn’t really get what he was saying. Can anyone help here?

Jon P said:

I think the comments below miss the key point of animal rights versus animal welfare. As one girl says they don’t have rights but should be treated well and it does sound like ducks are having a pretty OK time. There are rather a lot of people in the world who are having a very crap time just now in comparison.

J Arnold said:

Good discussion but I got the impression the issue became factory production which I don’t think the speaker defended very well other than more people eat well today type thing compared with the past- or maybe he didn’t grasp real oppositon was to industrial production in general. Agree re point below but its not just about what we need to know or don’t but the loosing touch with where our food comes from is an anti industry back to the land argument – we should all grow our own type thing.If we are srious about everyone having a better life defending industrial production is vital and where the can of beans come from or the cassoulet with the ducks liver in it is irrelevant. Home made bean cans next no doubt- bottulinus here we come.

Sarah Kelly said:

I enjoyed this debate and hadn’t realised restaurants were being targetted for serving duck liver – crazy. However I don’t agree with the speaker when he says the problem is we have lost touch with production and where our food comes from as surely that is a good thing! why on earth do we all have to know about abbatoirs or how to grow carrots thats ridiculous. We don’t all need to know everything about everything and can’t so why make a fettish of animal insides thank you very much. Not being in touch with food production is a great leap forward and means lots of people can do all sorts of other very creative things rather than feed ducks for a living. I prefer them plastic wrapped or served hot.