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Don’t shout at the telly 2


9 Don't shout

Volunteers pick on topical news stories and get stuck in. ThisĀ  round up includes Bono’s latest bed nets for Africans campaign and a challenge to those who thinks inoculating young girls against a virus that can cause cervical cancer should be banned on school premises.

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alexjorden said:

Very interesting – it would be a worrying trend if the cervical cancer vaccine is not given in schools, hopefully not the next MMR issue.

muchi said:

the recent developements of the Welfare Reform Bill make me angry

SarahMate... said:

The presentator speaks about the green paper. Now the Welfare Reform Bill is about to be voted.

mariaber... said:

Good points on vaccines and on anti-malarial bednets i think you should do a programme on DDT and how even the WHO now think its should be re-introduced.