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Don’t shout at the telly 3


7 Don't shout

From Obama’s victory to Mayor Boris’s plans for London via NHS top-up fees, a group of volunteers dig behind the headlines and have a different tale to tell. Their message is: don’t shout at the telly – change the message on it.

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SarahMate... said:

Nice that this channel is hosting youth’ debate.

muchi said:

interesting discussion

mariaber... said:

Interesting points on Obama’s victory and the race issue, I think its true there is sadly something horribly hollow about seeing just voting for a black man as a great step forward if its someone who still belittles humanity and sadly what he is saying so far suggests he does that, is for example occupying Afghanistan OK if its done by someone with a black face? I agree on the points as well about so called ‘red necks’ and so on isn’t this the modern form that racial thinking takes, demonising poor whites? Its like the ‘chavs’ idea here and it sucks.