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Don’t Shout at the Telly: Feminism


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In this on the sofa discussion, WORLDbytes volunteers hear the case put by spiked education editor Joanna Williams that feminism should be confined to the dustbin of history. There’s never been a better time to be female she tells us, not everyone agrees but the arguments are stunning!

Joanna Williams will be speaking at the Battle of Ideas festival in the Feminism and Its Discontents strand at the Barbican in London on 17th & 18th October.

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Matthew said:

I thought this was an interesting discussion. I would just like to add something to to the discussion between Joanna Williams and the volunteers on the topic of measuring occurrence of sexual assault/harassment of women. Joanna is correct that researchers rarely ask men, but recently there has been some research (undertaken by women who claim to be feminists) that did ask men and found similar levels of victimization of men by women to male on female sexual harassment/assault: “A total of 43 percent of high school boys and young college men reported they had an unwanted sexual experience and of those, 95 percent said a female acquaintance was the aggressor, according to a study published online in the APA journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity” (quoted from (unfortunately it lumps together men and boys, heh)

Also I think it’s worth pointing out feminists often avoid discussing female on female sexual harassment/assault. A very good article discussing the issue from a queer/feminist friendly perspective can be found here:

One volunteer mentioned a study that showed that employers tend to favor male applications. There have been studies that show a preference for female applicants in STEM fields as well (for example here’s an article reporting on it: ).

Another commenter here, Teena Lashmore, suggests that women are never paid more than men. I would just like to point out that among younger educated childless adults women are paid more than men:

Teena Lashmore said:

As an ‘educationalist’ Joanna has demonstrated Feminism through her own lens! Feminism was never about being a victim. Where is ‘Black Feminism’ in this ‘educational discourse? Its good someone picked Joanna up on the train carriage for women and pointed out it was misrepresentation …. And to say women under 30 earn more than men…. Please someone explain to the privilege women that we’re all earning less! I get so upset with privilege women ‘calmly’ tell the rest of us that its alright. She may well be in education but I found her highly uninspiring and presenting such a narrow view of Feminism that its almost criminal! However, it takes all sorts to make the world go round!

Sofia said:

What a rare and fascinating discussion. Ms Williams won’t mind my saying she is stunning too. Brave talk, more of this please and thank you WORLDbytes for getting a different view out there, feminism really is mainstream conformity these days.

Hazel K. said:

Yep great vid sure to cause a little hysteria mind you. I don’t believe words are a problem either BUT if anyone else calls me or women in general vulnerable I’ll puke.

J Edwards said:

Excellent vid, not sure what to think as I have always thought of myself as a feminist but can see what Joanna means as the victim stuff is really everywhere even on the sofa in this discussion. I have been touched and called all sorts but who hasn’t and we are perfectly capable of dealing with it and it does not harm us. Great message GET OVER THE VICTIMHOOD and the world could indeed get better.

Sarah Johns said:

Wow amazing conversation, very eye opening thank you I had my doubts about feminism but had never thought it through. Highly recommended viewing i will share it around.