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Don’t shout at the telly: Gaza special


4.Gaza special  Don't shout

On the sofa volunteers discuss Gaza with writer on the Middle East, Karl Sharro. This revealing discussion looks at Israel’s recent air assaults on Gaza, the role of the West, and asks the key question “why does Gaza exist as a separate entity?” The panel concludes that maybe Arabs and Jews can live together and the West should keep its nose out.

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Ke said:

Before watching this video, I assumed the conflicts originated with cultural, especially religious, differences. Now I’m beginning to understand that it is more complicated. How there are economic development, inequality and other issues involved. With the present situation in Libya, this discussion has become even more relevant.

I hope I can be part of the next “Don’t shout at the telly” edition.

johnpaul21 said:

This is much more watchable and I must say intriguing as one long piece, yes its long but the guy makes such great points it is worth it so am glad you haven’t chopped it down

Raymond Mgadzah said:

Israelis are not fascists and Palestinians are not just helpless victims.That’s part of the message from a speaker who grapples with the complexity of the Israeli/Palestine issue.He puts across the fact that both sides claim to be victims and that the violence from both sides often lacks a political dimension and it’s meaningless.