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Don’t shout at the Telly: Queer Progress


Don't shout at the telly: queer progress

Gay rights have vastly improved over the decades, but have we progressed enough? This lively on-the-sofa discussion with Jason Smith a freelance journalist and director of Birmingham salon explores the state of ‘queer progress’ today, from Clinton and Cameron’s advocacy of tying foreign aid to gay rights to Stonewall calling for a policing of anti-gay speech in the playground. Has intolerance of anti-gay intolerants lead to a tyranny of the minority? Are gay individuals so vulnerable they now need posh protectors to police our views and intervene in African states?

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Timothy said:

Am anti gay, Period. Leaders of other countrys like the US should not force other countrys to be pro gay they should not police other countries.Those should workout and solve their problem on their own.
However people have the right to live their livies the way they want the results cannot be avoided, others can only advise but not police .

Vernon said:

Really enjoyed this debate, need to think about this more, as just assumed we need to stick up for gay people having the same rights as us, and I know that is what jason was arguing, but i realise now that doesn’t include treating people like idiots in need of protection directed by law or government. But then how does it happen?

Trevor said:

Excellent points made not sure if I believe Jason has never experienced homophobia in his life.

Anon said:

Jason Smith may be able to look after himself but we are not all strong men, what about the less physically able sould should we live in fear for the sake of free speech?

Cynthia said:

WOW that is some discussion and full on, love the point that bans and so on assume we are all bigots waiting to get out.

Joe Tinsen said:

I reall y am not sure what to make of Jason’s point on tieing aid to gay rights when he says shouldn’t we choose what values we want to support as a nation? What if those values include denying other nations their choices?

Sarah K said:

This video is great as it draws out the key issues which are not looking for the state for protection as vulnerable victims, not seeing the world as awash with bigots, not seeing gays in Africa as incapable, the need to be judgemental and therefore supporting complete free speech and the resurrection of the true meaning of tolerance-phew its all in there. REALLY Good stuff.

Shirley Knott said:

This rather open and adult discussion of gay rights seems a mighty long way from the usual LGBT campaigns that seem to want to police our speech. The questioning of the imperialist angle of those wanting to deny third world aid unless anti-gay laws are revoked is the most interesting. Personally I found the religious question a bit of a red herring by comparison. Thoughtful – well done!