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Don’t Shout at the Telly: Re-thinking the riots


Don't shout at the telly: The anniversary of the riots

In this timely on the sofa discussion, North London teacher Neil Davenport is in the hot seat. Volunteers quiz his compelling analysis of the riots and, we learn, most post-riots thinking is way off the mark. Has the ‘Olympic spirit’ quashed a forceful sense of entitlement among young people or has the rot set in? Telling kids to go to the pub, Neil suggests, may be one way of fostering greater social engagement. Neil Davenport is producing the strand After the Riots at the forthcoming Battle of Ideas festival which WORLDbytes volunteers will also be filming.

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Jennifer R said:

Is Mr Davenport supporting binge drinking then as a way of stopping riots this seems to be a contradiction to me

Lara T said:

Well made discussion programme one thing I am not sure about though is youth clubs. Neil says no self respecting young person would be seen dead in one and maybe that is true but the community work, outreach business is huge and they do act as a buffer between kids and local people and push the no judgement kids voices agenda so are highly influential.

Sarah kelly said:

Aziz makes a useful point about adults but Neil’s point about young people being socialised that is mixing with adults beyond their family needs exploring further as when will they mix with adults if there are no jobs they don’t go to pubs and so on. Raises lots of questions for me too about whole idea of community also most of us don’t identify with our neighbours or even shop where we live and I’m not sure that matters or we get into a kind of parochialism. Thank you for this , has made me question loads.

Aziz said:

Shame Olympic spirit is temporary. I think more could be made of adults not standing up to young people and telling them what’s what or giving them what for like that West Indian lady did in Hackney.

Wez said:

Important point re not all riots one continous thing I am too young to know directly of Brixton riots but I can see last summer riots were not political. I agree they were not about poverty either I’m skint and I wouldn’t do that.

Jan Pilowitz said:

Ok i get the ‘me me me’ point but isn’t that part of greedy consumerist culture or is it something else?

JK said:

Enjoyed this and it surprised me I think there is a low lying culture of menace as Davenport puts it, don’t think pubs are the answer as one girl put it they are history