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Don’t shout at the telly: Vote for what?


7 Don't shout at the telly Vote for what

In this episode of WORLDbytes’ on the sofa discussion, young volunteers get stuck into election and voting issues. With a UK general election looming, co-author of the To The Point Manifesto, Joe Kaplinsky, explains what he thinks are the most important issues of the day.  Joe argues for: open borders; more infrastructure; house building; wealth creation and an end to booze bans. Not everyone is convinced. One volunteer remarks that more growth will fail to deal with social inequalities and another argues that open borders would be a disaster for cities such as London.

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kjahern said:

Joe Kaplinsky knows his stuff, argues for open borders, highlighting both the gamble taken with the economy by the country’s rulers, and the way political interest doesn’t seem to go much for further than bashing rich people. Full marks to the volunteers too, for putting him through his paces, making him argue his case; this is political debating at its best.

JD said:

Now this is refreshing. People with some big ideas about transforming the world rather than just tinkering around the edges. Joe K discusses the lack of any choice these days between our politicians and without politics what’s going to change? What do you think? Do you agree? What would your manifesto be?