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Don’t shout at the telly


8 Don't shout at tv

Volunteers discuss current headlines and say what they think. They question the latest report from the World Wildlife Fund for Nature about so-called ‘virtual water footprints’ and suggest that a greying population is a cause for celebration. While the House of Lords discourages Britons from buying cheap clothes, volunteers tell us how out of touch with society their comments are.

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SarahMate... said:

I like this ancient version of don’t shout, with these young people looking at the news with critical eyes

muchi said:

The end of cheap clothes means to me the loss of my job because I couldn’t afford to buy expensive smart clothes to go to work everyday. Instead of wearing something different every 2 days, I would wear the same trousers and shirts all week long and I’m not sure the boss would appreciate. I’d be fired quickly…

mariaber... said:

The idea of virtual water footprints really is a scandal how many baths we have here in the wet UK has no impact whatsoever on people across the world. The products we use shipped in from poorer countries which use a lot of water in their creation are crucial to those economies and our consuming them is not the problem developing more and better water infrastructure is the issue. These water worriers seem to want everyone to have less. Oh yes and I get all my clothes from Primark and Asda because they are cheap, the rich snobs in the house of lords can do mending on their rip off suits if they want but don’t foist such a waste of human effort on the rest of us.

aaronmc said:

Great discussion, interesting and refreshing to hear a pro-GM argument!