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Don’t stop me now: The Calais ‘jungle’ and No Borders Camp


2 Don't stop Calais

French immigration minister Eric Besson has said he will clear the makeshift tents in Calais known as the ‘jungle’. This report by volunteer Onyeka Igwe, reveals the hell of the Calais ‘jungle’ and the incredible journeys migrants have made. Besson claims clearing the ‘jungle’ is a humanitarian action, yet it involves clearing  mainly young kids who have travelled thousands of miles and have no money, no papers and no family with them. Besson’s disgraceful initiative to preserve UK border controls is guaranteed to provide further hell for the aspirant young migrants whose only crime is wanting to make a better life for themselves. Besson is not offering accommodation but is promising repatriation.

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Hannah said:

I think this video touches upon a serious issue on immigration and the freedom to move which I think we can all relate to in a sense that if were in the same position how would we feel. In this video we can see how the lack of freedom has decreased the quality of living for immigrants, which I think should be stood against.

Aneesa said:

It’s quite upsetting to see these people stuck living in bad conditions and unable to freely move to where they want to go. Most of them had escaped from a problematic life and thought they would be able to live a new life in the UK but their journey so far has been unsuccessful.

Frappart said:

Good afternoon,

First of all I would like to thank you for this good report you have published, even though it is nonsensical in my view that every body is to be allowed to travel everywhere at any time she or he wants so.
History is factual, some of the European countries happened to be conquerers as well as many other civilisations before; and actually as well as many short societies happened to be so in Africa before we went there.

I disagree woth you saying that those people should be allowed to live in the United-Kingdom, or in France while they have no connection with this country. History is nothing but a very old archieve of how groups have moved around specific territories and defend them to survive. I see no record that these unfortunate people have ancestors neither fighting for our lands nor cultivating it.

Now let’s remember that what is called compassion, humanity and open-mindness regarding letting them enter and have opportunities as if they were British citizens is a nonsense. In fact, Great-Britain is just an island, with borders named shores that we cannot extend at all. And this the same with France. So being honest and having a little concern about environment and living, how will you lodge all those people? Will they contribute to make English, Scottish and Welsh histories and old traditions being perennial?

If they have no money to make a living would you agree with supporting them entirely? Having them at home or even giving your home, taking their place in the streets? I am quite you would not do so. So if you blame governments because they are trying to protect our thousands of years of deals with weither it is or it is not our lands, then blame yourself to have had your mother coming England without bringing military power to try to beat us out Europe.

I am not intolerant, but I am one of the masters of those lands, and I disagree with giving it freely to people that do not deserve it because they have of their own somewhere else. Maybe without buildings, proper water, firing, electricity but is none of our concern as if we have it, then it means we earnt it, we made it.

Undjim said:

This is a powerful video that highlights exactly what is wrong witht the whole discussion around immigration. The biggest problem is that we have come to see immigration laws as normal and they are not. They dehumanise people. Perhaps we can envisage living in a better world which is not divided by such disgusting laws as immigration laws that promote global apartheid and leave those without money out of luck.

Ruby88 said:

I hope i am lucky enough never to be in the situation of these migrants in this film – where i have to take such huge risks, leave family and friends behind in order to get a life that so many of us, including me, take for granted. I think the world is for us all.

jacques1ify said:

Thanks for the report; very well compiled and presented. Thank goodness there are intelligent, sophisticated, and compassionate people like you around, unlike others who have posted messages on You Tube. By letting refugees make our island their home, Britain can only become a more inclusive and well-rounded society. Anything less is to our shame.

Alampathan said:

We are all Human so we should be free whatever we wanna go
If they wanna come to England they will be able to get more support from any other EU countries