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Election monitoring: Stop, step away from the ballot box


5 Election Monitoring

Overseas election monitors and international observers receive training in spotting voter fraud and corruption to safeguard democracy. Tools and techniques include colour charts, tweezers, chains and padlocks as well as assertiveness training.

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Zonka said:

Very funny and yet happening around the world where election monitoring people, usually from the West, who of-course are not elected, think they somehow have a moral superiority to lord it over the elected. Arrogant and ignorant all at the same time.

lewiswatts said:

I loved the gloves “so you don’t come into direct contact with people from undemocratic countries”. The more insidious idea that the voters are the undemocratic ones is farcical, “good voters and bad voters”.

Very funny.

imlovinit said:

This is rightly outrageous (as monitoring other people’s elections truely is anyway) and hilarious- am still laughing.