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Elections: The view on the streets


3 Elections The view on the streets

Who will you vote for? In the run-up to the UK elections, as the government panics over voter apathy, WORLDbytes volunteers check out public opinion on the streets of London. This snap shot provides some interesting insights. Most people do intend to vote but the lack of enthusiasm is obvious. Some feel the elections will change little. Others say politicians are out of touch and MPs no longer represent our hopes and aspirations for the future. So, does voting now mean putting a tick in a box as a duty? One contributor suggests we need young people to stand for election and get rid of the old brigade.

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Ashok said:

Start up a party, now there’s an idea!

gettout said:

I may not agree with everything that is being said here but it does show that people on the streets have views, have thought things through and want some answers! It’s about time we heard from us citizens as we are so often pushed aside or relegated to mere consumers.