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Engineering design or designing engineering?


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Last year the private company SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket blasted off with a Dragon capsule headed for the International Space Station. Back on planet earth, we can’t fly by Concorde anymore and our cars are little more than the designs Henry Ford dreamt up. Should we slow down engineering innovation and focus on more ‘sustainable’ development? Would this halt grand engineering designs or steer us in the ‘right’ direction? Are we seeing engineering push the boundaries of possibility for humanity or just sketching castles in the air? Filmed at the Battle of Ideas, this well-oiled debate focusses on how we should go about engineering the future.

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Piotr said:

I get the impression that British designers are good at re-styling old ideas but that the real pace of genuine innovation has slowed in general. We should be concerned about this and get the government and corporations to invest in R & D.