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Every Cook Can Govern- Knowledge Portal Launched

We are delighted to announce that a whole knowledge portal on C.L.R. James that our project volunteers have been working hard to bring together is now available at . We will be updating the portal on all future project events , do check it out. The portal already has a massive amount of information on CLR James and his work, and we will keep adding to it in the coming days.

Every Cook Can Govern- we’re shooting!

Our film project on the life works and impact of CLR James is in full swing and our volunteer crews have started shooting interviews for the final film. We have a packed schedule of shoots, with different subjects at numerous locations. Don’t miss the next crew meeting on Tuesday 13th January 7.30pm at the WORLDwrite Centre to discuss forthcoming shoots, the knowledge portal, logistics in Trinidad, filming in the USA, further archive work, picture and music research and more. Email us for details if you’d like to attend.

We also have more camera training days coming up and all active CLR James volunteers can access our free film training. If you would like to take part in the shoots and would like the training to do it, we’d be delighted to have you join in. Just email us to join the CLR James documentary crew.

If you would like to know more about CLR James and his work or need to catch up on the CLR James buzz, we are hosting regular informal discussions about the project and his works at the WORLDwrite Centre in London. Email us if you would like to attend one and we will send you details and readings.

Even if you are not on shoots with us, you can still help and be part of this inspiring project by supporting the film on our crowd-funding page. We hope to raise £10,000 towards the cost of our CLR James project ‘Every cook can govern’, which includes a knowledge portal and a fully-fledged documentary. To start with, we are asking for just a tenner (less than a few lattes).  It’s easy to do via the link here.

Our introductory video “CLR James – A film to be made” won best video in the Documentaries category for July on Citizen.TV. In this short teaser, we get a glimpse into CLR James’s first six years in London, which were extraordinary. What he accomplished in 6 years, most of us could not conceive of in a life-time.  You can watch the video below.

Previous Events:

Every Cook Can Govern: Reading for a change

Sign up for the 12-hour Read-a-thon on the work of CLR James

Download the full programme here

‘History’ today is seen today as something that has simply happened to us. Like an earthquake or a tornado, we can do little but run for cover and it seems the most we can say about an historical event is “I was there. I saw it happen.” Witness accounts may be useful, but the really exceptional writers and thinkers are those who challenge a fatalistic view of history and have taught us history is something we make.

West Indian writer and revolutionary CLR James, one of the towering figures of 20th century thought is one of the best examples. In ‘Black Jacobins’, his inspiring history of the Haitian slave revolt of the late 18th century, James explains how the slaves themselves vanquished slavery and English anti-slavery figures such as William Wilberforce, were not quite the heroes we imagine.

Understanding people as history makers was a prevailing theme of James’ work, a view which WORLDwrite shares with a passion. CLR James was also a great advocate of reading great books to advance our knowledge and understanding of the world. We share his view on this too. Some people run marathons to get fit, at WORLDwrite we run Read-a-thons. We want to read enough to ensure our understanding is fit to produce a whole knowledge portal and documentary on CLR James. So what better focus for WORLDwrite’s next Read-a-thon, to raise funds for our multi-media project than reading aloud works by and about CLR James himself.

Our partners at the Museum of London have agreed to host this pioneering Read-a-thon in the Quayside room at Museum of London Docklands on Friday 28th February 2014 from 10am. We’ll be livestreaming it too, to ensure friends across the UK and all over the world can tune in to hear great works read continuously over a 12 hour period. But don’t panic, we don’t expect people to read aloud for 12 hours, everyone taking part will read aloud a chosen text for 15 minutes and that’s harder than you think. We’ll have a super smooth rota over the 12 hours for this great read, during the day at the Museum of London and from 5pm at the WORLDwrite centre in Hackney. We hope you’ll be a reader with us and support WORLDwrite’s project, so here’s what you can do…

Three ways to get involved

READ: The read-a-thon will run for 12 hours non-stop from 10am-10pm. Volunteers will take it in turns to read a piece of James’ work or a work about CLR James aloud for fifteen minutes. In the morning and afternoon the event will be taking place at the Museum of London Docklands and in the evening we will switch over to the WORLDwrite centre in Hackney. We’d love you to be a reader, and all you need to do is pick your preferred time slot using our online booking page, here, decide what you want to read and email us the details at We’ll confirm your slot is available and help you get sponsored to do it. We’ll need you at the venue at least 30 minutes beforehand to brief you on sound for a smooth changeover.

WATCH: Come along to Museum of London and in the evening to WORLDwrite and lend us your ear – it’s great to have a live audience to read aloud to, not just a camera. At WORLDwrite we will also be holding a bake sale and our £1 bookshop will be open for all, so if you fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry we need some cake makers and donated books are always welcome too. If you’re unable to join us in person do make sure you check in to to listen to readings and add your comments and encouragement live online.

DONATE: The event should be both inspiring and fun for all who take part and watch online or off, but the best way you can support us is by sponsoring the Read-a-thon. We hope to raise a mighty £10,000 towards the cost of our CLR James project ‘Every cook can govern’, which includes a fully-fledged documentary, which is going to cost a fortune. We are determined to make it happen and with your sponsorship we can.

You can make your donation at


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Every Cook Can Govern: Documenting the life,  impact & works of CLR James


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