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Ferraris for all


In this report economist and journalist Daniel Ben Ami, discusses what he calls “Caveman Equality.” He reminds us that in the Stone Age we were “all pretty equal …and dirt poor”. This caveman logic needs to be rejected, he argues, and instead we should fight for Ferraris for all.

Related topics: Economy, Social Change

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humanita... said:

Rasta say ”getto youth want house and land”, we also want car, phone computer and all that technology has to offer. The earths resources are adequate to share harmoniously, ”Our own resources shall never fail”. All mankind is equatable..not advocating for communism or capitalism..share the food we all can get a slice.

SarahMate... said:

Daniel Ben Ami’s point is interesting

muchi said:


mariaber... said:

Good point re what we mean by equality its a trendy phrase these days but does always seem to mean levelling down not up and the recession now means we are told to cut back and be frugal. More growth and more stuff as a way forward needs to be put on the map..good stuff.