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Fracking and Fukushima: our energy security fears


Fracking and Fukushima: our energy security fears

Events in the Middle East last year caused panic as oil supplies were threatened, while the spectre of nuclear meltdown at Fukushima offered a grim reminder of the risks posed by moving beyond ‘dirty’ fossil fuels.  With renewable energy still a long way from being able to meet the shortfall, many gloomily predict a future of brownouts, deep-sea drilling disasters and even bitter resource wars.  But others see shale gas and the ‘fracking’ process as a reason for hope.  What role can innovation play in keeping the lights on?  Speakers include Professor Gordon MacKerron, director of Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Sussex; Tanya Morrison, government relations manager, climate change, Shell International; James Woudhuysen, professor of forecasting and innovation, De Montfort University.

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Faisal B said:

It’s a bit of a problem that the energy debate gets wrapped up in a kind of national security blanket rather than being about just producing more energy worldwide. By the way, am I the only person who thinks Iran should be able to have nuclear power, why not?

Daryl Keobu said:

I’m not the worlds greatest fan of capitalism but I thought Tanya Morrison from Shell was quite good and measured on the subject, (not quite up to Woudhuysen though) and a lot better than ‘anti-frackers’ who just seem mad to me.

Josh said:

I enjoyed this as it wasn’t the usual have less want less energy panic stuff, the woman from Shell was all sweetness it just shows what they have done to their external relations team who were mostly recruited from the greens. I know its a broader issue to consider security fears but I would have liked more on fracking itself as its causing such a stir.