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Free Speech on Campus Now


In this video discussion, Tom Slater takes spiked’s Free Speech on campus campaign to London’s East End and the home of WORLDbytes. The If’s and But’s emerge as volunteers on the sofa raise fashionable qualms from ‘hate speech’ and ‘psychological harm’ to ‘safe space policies’, ‘trigger warnings’, UKIP and dodgy tweets. Slater takes it on the chin and compellingly argues the case for unfettered free speech and a campaign that goes hand in hand with revitalising a positive view of humanity, one that is resilient, takes risks and aspires to a better world. From the sofa WORLDbytes volunteer Eden Bokrezion tells it straight, “I am African and a UKIP member saying Africans should kill themselves doesn’t bring me to my knees” she says “….if I have to choose between ‘respect’ with government telling me what I can and can’t hear and free speech, I choose free speech.”

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WORLDbytes – The School of Citizen TV » Views on the Streets: Free Speech post-Copenhagen said:

[…] Don’t Shout at the Telly: Free Speech on Campus Now […]

Malissa said:

I find the point made on this interesting about free speech. I find many of the issues brought up regarding free speech on here are issues we have in America today, or at least that we discuss in America on our free speech. I feel like the discussion of free speech is something of importance because everyone deserves a voice, and yes some of us may be more educated, but everyone deserves to say what they want or listen to what they want, as long as others are not forced to listen and have the option to do what they want with what they hear.

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Daniel said:

What a fantastic discussion. Very good views for the young people. definitely 5* from me

Agnes said:

It’s weird to think of the government trying to control what I say. What will they try to control next I wonder!

Mark said:

I think that imposing restrictions is actually being more intolerant rather than creating a better society. voting 5 * for this.

Madhu said:

Fantastic discussion touching on all the pros, cons, and issues that come with the right to free speech. 5* from me.