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Freedom to film


WORLDbytes’ crews of young volunteers learning to shoot alternative news programmes are regularly stopped from filming on the streets of London. Yet it is not against the law to film in public spaces, to investigate what the public think and let people have their say on issues of the day. Sick of being stopped, volunteers made a stand against the arbitrary interference suffered by photographers and film makers and achieved a one day victory for citizen journalism. In future they’ll certainly question instructions to ‘move on’ and need your support.

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Gido Karow said:

A very imporant and very well produced report. Now I would like to see the investigative version trying to get the officials in front of the camera. I would want to see the masked insider talking about the inner works in councils throughout London in regards to this matter. Is this just a big money maker for the councils or what’s really behind it? What does Boris have to say about this? Mix public opinion with political voice. I am sure if you are nagging long enough, you will get him for a quick interview too. Get a few experts to put the legal realities into perspective too. MAT mentioned photographers carrying cards with information: Great idea … help others and do the research, publish the info on your web site.

… if you work in the media field, you have to see this!

Mat said:

Photographers have the same problem. Some of us now carry cards laying out our rights so that we can show those who claim to know better. Well done on the film. An important issue that more people need to be aware of.

dayglo said:

didn’t realise this was so common – i hope you are going to make a fuss with this – I see you already have -but like me not sure if many people will have thought about how anti-democratic this creeping distrust is…

Photographer said:

Great film, as a photographer I’m also fed up of being deemed some sort of threat and I’ve lost count of the number of times someone has demanded that I explain what I’m doing and then ask me to stop..

Again, well done to all involved in making the film

rictom said:

I wonder, is this a democratic country?
Great video, I loved the wide opinions.

dogstar99 said:

Excellent stand shocking that you guys get stopped so often. Good clear message and it is ironic we are watched by CCTV all the time without our consent.

visa2020 said:

An important point about freedom and public spaces. Who rules here, the council busybodies and assorted jobsworths or the public? The right to film is an admirable cause.