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From Macpherson to the BNP: Race today


Everyone got their rocks off about the BNP on the BBC’s Question Time, meanwhile politicians have been competing to say they will limit immigration to the UK in order to stop the BNP. If everyone wants to clamp down on immigration what has happened to anti-racism you may well ask. The highlights of this debate, filmed at the Battle of Ideas, provides some important answers. The speakers featured in the programme are: Karen Chouhan race equality consultant; founder and director, Equanomics-UK; Kenan Malik presenter of Analysis, BBC Radio 4; author, From Fatwa to Jihad, Strange Fruit and The Meaning of Race and Jack Tan president, Students’ Union, Royal College of Art.

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TatjanaA said:

It is always strange for me that a government can even consider to have racist politicians, is not something they are saying they try to eliminate from the community?

marcoshahin said:

Allowing a group of people the actively state and publish their racial ideas in a modern society like UK !!! I am not against people if they are to be proud of their country and nationality however, when the matter exceeds its level and reform to racial ideas and acts? This can create many conflicts and certainly it wouldn’t help to move to multinational society like UK in a peaceful direction.

Something serious has to be done to stop empowering groups like BNP.