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G20: Catch 22


Reporter Luke Gittos filed these reports from the much hyped G20 protests in London where he searched in vein for a clear message and purpose. An interview with economy blogger and cscape CEO Rob Killick puts the need for a serious political rethink on the table and vox pops with the public suggest few were impressed by the G20 summit.

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kaahja said:

The report shows well how people at the protest didn-t have a clear opinion over the g20 meeting and also how their ideas are sometimes opposite.
I find the video-s editing a bit boring even if maybe mixing the 3 parts toghether ( protesters interwiews, Dalston Interwiew and interwiew to Robert Killick) would have made the video too confusing.

humanita... said:

Though the WorldWideWeb is runnuing slow and i haven’t watched the video, It seems to me the G20 rulers are hellbound and intent on accomplishing their ill advised plan of action. In a true democracy the leadaers are supposed to listen to the people, overstand or at least empathize with their plight, then find a reasonable course of action to solve the situation. Democracy is a Government of the people run by the people for the people. The scenarios they have come up with so far have only incessed the people otherwise all protests would be of a peacefull nature, and the strong arm of the law would not be needed to enforce policy.

andrewma... said:

Despite the differing opinions that your subjects presented, one thing is decidedly clear: something is wrong. I enjoyed seeing this varied perspective, and the picture was painted very well of an accessible demonstrater, as opposed to the oft-cited caricature of a depraved, long-haired left-wing radical. Simply tossing money down an ever deepening well doesn’t solve problems.

blizzjames said:

very interesting

Praz said:

The disparate G20 bunch comprises of a few try hard trade unionists, old labourites, peaceniks, greens, a younger confused (and sometimes clueless) crowd and a random smattering of soap dodgers/anarchists together with NGO/Aid outfits and a few religions thrown in for good measure. That would’nt matter so much if they had cohered themselves around some decent critique of the G20 or were offering something different together. Instead most seemed to want to be a part of the G20 meetings and indeed could have been as they were saying little different to them. Some pro-growth message would have been novel and refreshing. Shame really.

SisterG said:

Agree excellent report & very revealing, hadn’t really thought about how vague the protests were, like the G8 stuff before its true they seemed to just echo what the G20 leaders were saying anyway so why protest? It really is protesting for the sake of it, that seems an incredible waste of time to me. If we are going to protest lets do it to at least demand more than what is on offer and if its about partying lets party but somewhere nicer with better amenities. Being hemmed in by cops doesn’t strike me as a good party.

Rubina78 said:

This is great, I was wondering what was happening. The media’s coverage of this has been so bad, and the people on the protest didn’t seem to have much of an idea about why they were there. But like the guy says in the interview it’s just an example of how confused we are about what to do. He gave me a bit of hope actually that we can be part of getting it right, but i think the protesters coming out saying we just want to be heard won’t do anything especially as so much of the protests campaigns are around us having even less than the bankers have. I was really angry when i heard protesters on one of the news reports on TV arguing that it is our greed and we should live with less, it sounded to me like they were calling me greedy for just wanting a life! How ridiculous is that! So this is such a new take on the G20 and the protests that has made me think. Thanks WORLDbytes.