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Glimpse the watery but never wet film “Flush it”


4 Flush it trailer

150 years after London’s great stink comes Flush it, a film which investigates toilet history and proposes serious development in water provision for the developing world. Last year’s anniversary of the 1858 Great Stink, when levels of excrement ‘backed up’ on the tidal Thames forcing parliament to adjourn up river, may seem a strange event to commemorate. Yet in the West the grand plans that solved the stench mean we no longer worry about death from cholera and water borne disease. This compelling documentary promises to put aspirations for Western levels of water provision and sanitation on the map for developing countries. Flush It interweaves concerns about global water scarcity and toilet history with aspirations for grand projects and excellent loos. The full film is available from the WORLDwrite shop.

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Maya said:

Water is used to control peoples quality of life. It’s obvious that there is PLENTY of water on this planet so if people are dying because of a shortage… there’s an agenda going on.

Andy H said:

Some apparently sensible people I’ve met recently have argued that there’s a water shortage and we should all conserve it. I can’t believe the blinkered mind of some people. There’s plenty of freshwater even before we start desalinating seawater on a much bigger scale for human use. The real shortage is in water infrastructure – plumbing for short – with which you could irrigate the Sahara or whatever.

Rhys said:

Water, water everywhere and sadly not enough to flush let alone drink. Why shouldn’t so called thirdworld countries aspire to the same level of comfort as the west??? Good question. This film will definateley make me apprecite my loo and shower all that much more. As someone who has used a pit toilet i must confess the loo and bidet to me are technological marvels. Once again worldwrite setting the trend.

Jim Morgan said:

Flush it. Yeah,… i saw this at the Gala night.

I have to say it radically changed my thinking on environmentalism.

The interview on the reservoir was particularly fascinating. I never thought about the fact that water is a totally renewable energy source and there is always a constant amount on the planet no matter what we do.

Just imagine what would happen if the developing world got this concept. If the aid was used to trap larger and larger quantities of water with modern hi-tech reservoirs like the ones we have in the UK. Wow.

Looks like somebody in Nigeria has there head on straight anyhow. They must be developing a sewage works system somewhere to have all those toilets coming in. This is a very hopeful perspective.

This documentary is a joy to watch. Loved it