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Great leaders: born or made?


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There is a stream of literature which aims to turn ineffectual executives into formidable Churchills. There is little faith, though, in those who run the BBC, the EU, the NHS or for politicians and corporate CEOs. While there are charismatic individuals around, too few seem prepared to take responsibility, act decisively or even have confidence in their own judgement. ‘The buck stops here’ seems to have been replaced by passing the buck. Bringing in outsiders to advise on organisations’ internal problems, speaks to a trend to outsource responsibility. Can a diploma in leadership help? A panel of those in the know discuss the possibilities at the Battle of Ideas.

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Piotr said:

One young woman in the audience asked what I think was a perceptive question about the prior problem amongst young people being that nobody wants to be a leader nowadays. Does this problem in fact extend far more broadly than just the young? I’d love to know what people think about this question.

Piotr said:

It seems that some people have confused leadership with management skills – as someone said, isn’t it the ‘vision thing’ that matters?