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Happiness Classes


4. Happiness

In the latest attempts to tackle S.A.D. or Sustainability Attainability Deficit and stimulate happiness, the government has unleashed a clown onto the miserable streets of East London, established happiness classes and happy monitoring officers. A £900 billion government initiative aims to help people find inner contentment and happiness by learning how to want less through shopping less and aspiring to less. By providing NVQ qualifications in happiness known as G.R.I.N. and mass happiness events, the ‘H is for Happy’ government minister anticipates a surge in happiness within months.

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Gia said:

People are offering free hugs in trafalgar square recently. We always went :” have anice day” or ” happy birthday”. is it because we were unhappy most of the time.

happiness is priceless but common at the same time. It should not be treated as a tangible object that could presumably be offered by training .

Nancy said:

I hate to say this, but these days financial stability brings a degree of happiness. If people can afford to provide for themselves and their families they will be content with their lives. However no amount of government intervension will help bring true happiness; that is ultimately the responsibility of the individual to find their path to inner happiness. All this money put into this new government initiative, should be spent on helping provide financial stability to those that truly need it. Then after everyone is financially stable the government can then focus on finding those who are emotionally unhappy and helping them to make resolutions.

Martyna said:

That amount of money could go to better projects… what about making the services better like the NHS instead of cutting funds and freezing wages!

Tauras said:

Very grotesque. A new trend in society to feel bad and a new way to fight with that. The attempt to improve emotional condition always is good. Although happiness and healing practices are psycho therapists or priests rather than clowns and other happiness specialist business. If I understood properly one of ideas is to increase your happiness by reducing shopping and money wasting habits? Does they worked out what happiness is and how to measure a level of it? These public activities looks doubtful. Does it have a potential to provide real help?

Andy H said:

There is now a veritable happiness industry emerging at government level. These people are in the business of a kind of psychosocial intervention as a substitute for political or economic vision for society today. For God’s sake don’t tell these people how you ‘feel’.

Jane said:

People are promtoing this stuff and now its been all over the news I think it needs to be questioned but its hard without coming accross as someone who is against being happy which is weird.

Laminda said:

Does anyone really believe in this happiness movement stuff though?

Shozin said:

Scary clown sums it up – happiness police-we’ll have them next

Ravi said:

Its true but now its all pyschobabble and meditate and have you performed random acts of kindeness today to measure your happiness levels-scary-it so much about you as an individual and your behaviour its pretty vile and I think the opposite of being social.

Johnno said:

This stuff is so rife now and happenning and I find it so hard to swallow I just want to tell the government to get the hell out of my brain and emotional state

Ke said:

While I concede that chronic depression may require treatment, I agree with the message of the video. Individual levels of happiness are people’s own business and it’s pretty outrageous that government policy aims to meddle with this.

Maybe instead of sadness it should be called melancholy, that would sound more poetic/literary.

Carol’s cameo was great!