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Hidden London: The Real Battle of Cable Street


5 Hidden London The Real Battle of Cable Street

The magnificent mural in Cable Street in East London, depicts the 1936 battle of Cable Street, when East end residents stopped Oswald Mosley and his fascist followers marching through their streets. In this  powerful dissection of what happened, the real battle we learn was three way, between the police, the fascists and local people. Interwoven with eye witness testimony from Bill Fishman, Alan Hudson provides a riveting account of the events, the context and many hidden truths. The official labour movement tried to stop the anti-fascist protests and organised an alternative rally in Trafalgar Square. Lessons for today come thick and fast and we are left to contemplate the mural’s contemporary meaning. It may only strike a cord locally Alan explains if we support today’s migrant population and oppose all immigration controls.

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Hannah said:

I found this documentary enlightened me on the battle of Cable Street and how the battle between the fascist, the police and the people broke out. Although it was catastrophic I find that the positive outcome of this was that it brought different cultures together politically fighting side by side for the same cause.

Aneesa said:

This video shows something I’ve never really heard about so it was interesting to get to hear about it and know the history behind it.

Penny Dolan said:

Am reading & reviewing Alan Gibbon’s recently re-published novel for teens “Street of Tall People” (Fig Leaves Publications ) about the Battle of Cable Street and wanted to know more. Am very glad that I found this film which I’ll return to and recommend to others. Thank you, Alan Hudson.

horacio said:

Thanks to Hudson’s comments, they are very enlighting.
Whenever I visit London I go to Cable St. to pay homage to those freedom fighters.
One thing that should be added is the plaque in the front of this building where Bennington painted the mural.
From this same building young british lads went to fight for democracy in the Spanish Civil War.
For me this building is full of meaning.
The meaning of fighting for freedom.
(From Buenos Aires – Argentina)

Gido Karow said:

Great piece of documentary film making! Well done!

Jim said:

This street piece is fascinating really I had no idea of real balance of forces at the time thankyou for bringing history alive

Joy Farrsa said:

Agree on Cable Street, this is not how I was told the story, this is a very thought provoking programme which I think would be good for colleges.

kentucky said:


Bootz said:

This film shows how you can never really take your history lessons at face value. I was always told that the fight and battle of Cable Street were between East Enders and Mosley’s mob. Alan Hudson paints a truer picture and shows how it was just as much a fight between the state and its police and the working class.