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How poor is London?


“Poverty still exists right here in London” states economist Daniel Ben Ami. In this report Daniel Ben Ami tells us more about London’s poverty and what can be done about it. Coining the phrase “equality of sacrifice”, he warns against levelling down and accepting less and instead he suggests our concern should be to increase growth.

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Muchi said:

It’s amazing how London seems to be wealthy from outside and how the reality, when you are in the country, tells a different story

Maria said:

Good report and this is before the recession kicked in I think resisting austerity is more important than ever now and I don’t think cutting back on benefits will solve any economic problems and neither have the numbers on benefits got anything to do with the recession. Making clear poverty is not confined to the third world is vital and the low pay that the economist refers concentrated in hotels cleaning and so on is an outrage. His points on control are key also. Be interesting to note what people now say about growth though as lots of people now blame the amount of growth for the recession.

Aaron said:

Excellent article on a subject rarely discussed, least of all by the government. As a Jobseekers Allowance claimant myself, I’ve always felt slightly on the edge of society and “under the radar”. Everybody knows that when Margaret Thatcher was in power there were three million unemployed. Does anyone know what the figure is now? Hmm..

Shazia said:

London presents a dire picture when it comes to inequality. It seems the rich are just getting richer and the poor are unable to move up the economic ladder. With the cost of living so high at present it is a wander that people are able to meet their basic needs let alone enjoy life. This segment successfully address the issue of inequality in London and suggests ways in which this can be changed. Less social control and more economic growth!!