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How to Behave in Britain: ASBOs


How to Behave in Britain: ASBOs

This programme advises visitors and residents in the UK on how to behave appropriately in Britain. The message is, we are incapable of either tolerating people’s irksome behaviours or of speaking to people ourselves. Warning: this programme contains rude noises, toilet humour and bad images.

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Rochelle S said:

Worldbytes spoofs are great! The patronising voice of the reporter coupled with the strange pictures of inappropriate behaviour help to assist in highlighting the main message of the video: – we are not a nation of tolerance and instead of understanding why people behave differently, we simply condemn this behaviour. The condemned individuals become more frustrated at the fact that they are less accepted in society and then we create a future world full of misunderstanding, lack of respect and bitterness. It is also funny how the government ASBO’s only seem to tackle the behaviour of mostly young people, who do not often understand the legal consequences of their behaviour and of course ‘depending on what the judge feels is appropriate’ rather than on objective guidelines.

Vanessa said:

As long as I don’t hurt other people, no judge (or others) has to tell me what he thinks I have to behave like.

Rachel said:

I think that it is quite interesting that ASBOs punish people for doing things which would not normally warrant a criminal offense such as swearing or drinking. If someone wants to have a drink or curse in public, it should be their decision. It does not seem like the proper role of the government to implement such silly rules to monitor and restrict the actions of people. These rules sound like ones my mother would make for me as a child. Citizens of the Uk are not all children & their government shouldnt moniter & restrict them as if they were.

Lluisa V said:

It is not fair that all of us must have rules which tell us what we can do and what not or when and where, just for a minority who doesn’t know how they have to behave. All the rules give us less freedom, and that is never good. I think that if all of us are tolerant and respectful with others it is not necessary to put limits.