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How to behave in Britain: Eat 5 A Day


How to behave in Britain: Eat 5 A Day

This new series advises visitors and residents in the UK on how to behave appropriately in Britain and covers a broad range of useful topics. This first episode tackles the issue of healthy eating, which is becoming increasingly vital for the ignorant mass of fat UK citizens who have no idea what is good for them. With increasing obesity and NHS costs, this government-backed report provides all the necessary information to inform you about how to be truly British and have a healthy life.

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Lluisa V said:

It is a fact that people that has a healthy diet is healthier, but this doesn’t mean that people who haven’t it have to die. The right messages to say to people here are “Healthy eating for a healthier and happier life” or “Healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Aaron said:

Laughed out loud at all the ‘you will die’ scary horror movie style of this short.

Sadiki said:

The menacing music, the creepy teacher, the silly visuals. The government will want to make a quango of this straight away.

Andy H said:

The interfering state, now entering a lunchbox near you! Who’s health is it anyway yours or theirs?

Roger said:

Creepy – carrots yum