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Illegal immigrants are hiding


Illegal immigrants are hiding

According to government figures, there are over a million illegal immigrants living in the UK. This thirty-second eye opener provides a simple solution and is guaranteed to stop illegal immigrants hiding in your cupboards. Watch it and pass it on.

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Praveen said:

Nice spoof. I think this should be shared everywhere in social networks.!
Thanks for the share.!

Abhinai said:

Nice website! Appreciate for the work!

Katie Fiscott said:

This is remarkably clever glad it won an award.

Mohamed said:

I agree with this and unemployment has not been caused by immigration has it! If we had politicians capable of pushing investment the job prospects would not be bleak. Immigrants don’t cut jobs do they. It is just finger pointing and panics. We are not exactly all squashed in are we.

rachael p said:

Are you saying there should be no restrictions at all so how do we fix unemployment?

Soli said:

I do agree with the message and it needs to be everywhere, great work.

ferdy said:

Very clever short. More of these for us to share please.

Simon Ricksah said:

Not sure I agree with the message but can see it is very well done.

Winston Olufemi said:

Very good-well made-deserved to win.

Aisha P said:

Neat well done will pass on-great message.

A Sanderson said:

A much deserved award-laughed out loud.

Jamil said:

Brilliant well done shooters!

Ceri Dingle said:

Congratulations to all crew who helped make this spoof, we have just heard that we have won best activist fiction at the Radical Film Festival! Nice comment from the judges too: “This is arguably the most efficient film in the entire festival. It makes a political point, comments on society, and slips in a joke all in less than 29 seconds. ” Well done all!

Caterina said:

Brilliant! I The only possible way to stop illegal immigrants!

Tiziana said:


Will Harris said:

Brillinat – love it- will pass it on thank you

fakemother said:

I wish I could be in someone’s cupboard there!