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Illegal Immigrants: Check in your bed?


Illegal Immigrants: Check in your bed?

The Queen said an immigration bill would aim to “ensure that this country attracts people who will contribute, and deter those who will not”. Unlike migrants, obviously the Queen contributes a lot and is not just a parasite. If passed, the bill will ensure landlords have to check their tenants’ immigration status. Has the Queen checked in her bed for foreigners? Have you checked who is in yours? This 30 second short suggests a much simpler solution.

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Randolph Ferry said:

It seems to me that East Europeans are currently getting it in the neck a bit because they are the latest wave of migrants (irrespective of the colour of their skin). This is, however, complicated by the fact that it’s the EU that decided on the immigration policy above the heads of the public. I think we should get rid of the EU as it is a bureaucratic monster but at the same time argue for open borders.

Hanifa said:

We speak of freedom of movement but it only seems to work one way. I do not believe illegal immigration to the uk has ever been a huge problem. I believe the UK’s real issues are caused by the very legal migrants from the EU which is an issue never mentioned on tv. EU migrants come to the uk and have access to, without ever having contributed to, health and social resources that are already stretched too thin. Would uk citizens be granted the same resources, rights and financial aid if they moved to another country. Want to see legal migration in action visit seven sisters road outside wickes- be sure to notice the hordes of men drinking alcohol and hanging around, the puddles of urine and human faeces and the rubbish they leave behind.

Charity begins at home and far too many uk born residents live below the breadline.

Randolph Ferry said:

I think it’s about freedom of movement as a democratic right, and the campaign for the removal of the state’s restriction of that right. Suhail is right to point out that where you are born is essentially an accident, and no-one should be punished for an accident.

K said:

To remove all the immigrants is almost impossible because the number is huge and we cann’t support them.
To give them amnesty, we must make immigrant lows.

Suhail Patel said:

I would have to agree with Sara here – what difference does it make where you were born?

Any dichotomy of the world is man made and irrelevant in my eyes. We shouldn’t restrict access to this nation because we feel some kind of unwarranted pride by being born here.

Where you are born is largely circumstantial. We have no right to deny others the opportunity of living in this nation simply because they were born in another country.

zahid khan said:

If I was to immigrate to another nation I will not want any barriers therefore feel others should have the same freedom. We talk about stats like how London is darkening due to high immigration but do we ever consider the fact that Australia has whitened over the past century due to British immigration.

Sara Garrido said:

A simple but very efficient way to make a point. Everyone who claims more restrictions for immigrants should have a look around them, most of them would be surprised of how many close friends they could have not met if their claim passed. Anyway, there’s just a fair way to make illegal immigrants disappear: make them legal.