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Illegals go home?


Illegals go home thumb

‘In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest.’ Says the mobile warning sign on the home office van. Never mind parking their ludicrous van, WORLDbytes has a far better solution for the government as revealed in this 30 second short. Please feel free to send this video link to your MP or one of these key MP’s below:-

Theresa May MP –

Mark Harper MP –

Baroness Hanham –

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bashkimi said:

Hilarious but same time the global problems are product of governmental decisions, therefore the fact that we are responsible for choosing our leaders, that makes us indirectly reflection of current global crises. So my commitment is to proof that we are not anyway near the reflection of our governmental behavior that mirrors current global crisis .
So if you have time go on Facebook page” it’s not my business “and log your position. Like for people, comment for government.

julia said:

This video make in interesting point. It’s very well now subject – imigration. But most of EU people don’t know that not every “visitor” is so well welcome in the Uk. Amazing to get this knowladge and to share woth a people! :)

Kerensa said:

HILARIOUS! Would make a good opening title sequence for a programme that goes into deeper (but with a light-hearted twist, to match the opening) discussion on immigration and its effects, particularly on the British public.

james E said:

I think it’s important to retain humor, even when dealing with important issues like immigration because it has a way of simply articulating some of the stupid assumptions that drive some immigration policies.

Mari said:

I liked this video at it is a tongue in cheek response to the ridiculous immigration policies of this government

Iseult said:

This government campaign is ludicrous and obnoxious. We need to get this video out so illegal immigrants know that the general public are sympathetic to them and do not share the views of a paranoid government.

Harmony said:

Everyone should have the right to come and settle into a foreign country if they wish. But what if they’ve been in that country for many about 15 years and haven’t been bothered to learn the language, find a job and better their lives. Should they still have the right to stay in that country. In terms of the video, I don’t think the humour was powerful enough.

Sabrina said:

Using humour to tackle the absurd prejudice and cultural stigma afflicting minorities and the topic of immigration is inspired – definitely sending this to the above MP’s!

James E said:

I think its important to retain humor, even when dealing with important issues like immigration because it has a way of simply articulating some of the stupid assumptions that drive some immigration policies

Piotr said:

One thing that has changed is that everyone used to know who the real racists were – the establishment. Now the authorities say they’re the ‘anti-racists’ and the working class are the racists! Topsy-turvey or what? Still, calling for freedom of movement for all can separate the men from the boys.

Sue Tupton said:

Must check the boot of my car

Petra said:

Glad he fitted in the boot OK and didn’t suffocate

Ola said:

There is definitely a debate to be had on what is racism today anyway-immigration controls would seem to be the last bastion of it- even they are not directed at people in the same old way so i agree they should be abolished but are they racist?

Sarah K said:

On JJ’s remark i think open borders is hardly a contentious issue these days its what most of the younger generation think. More problematic is the demonising of working class white elderly people as horrible racists which isn’t really true but it is what the tabloid haters think.

JJ said:

hated the van thing like everyone else-much better idea I agree but hardly one that will go down well

Henrietta said:

Great am sending this to my MP for sure