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I’m a subsistence farmer get me out of here


As Westerners celebrate nature and the so-called simple life, many in the developing world yearn for the comforts of urban modernity. Shot in Ghana, we learn that many would rather live in an urban shanty town than stay stuck in subsistence life in rural areas. Subsistence life means mud huts and mind-numbing toil. Helen wants a proper job. Cephus wants a commercial farm and a Jacuzzi, not mud walls and thatch. Comfort wants her kids off the farm and into education. De Roy explains that at least in a shanty town people can have access to a clinic, menial work, electricity, drinkable water, paved roads and TVs. I’m a subsistence farmer… get me out of here! is the final documentary in the Pricking the Missionary Position series. It is packed with hard-hitting truths which may disturb Western romantic notions of rural life. This is just the trailer, full details of this documentary are available on the film’s dedicated website here. The full film is available from the WORLDwrite shop.

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decipherme said:

This film questions our way of romantising subsistence way of life. We see in this film Africans are prefering to live in shanty towns rather than subsistence way because they want a better life.

DarrenK said:

When you think farm, you think acres of land, but these people farm an area smaller than most people’s back gardens. Something I didn’t realise til watching the full version of the film. How we take so much for granted when these people work so, so hard for peanuts. Well done WORLDwrite!

Caz said:

When ‘farmers’ with little more than a cabbage patch sized farm are getting so little back from FairTrade (around a penny a day, or £3.65 ayear!!)its no wonder the farmers want to get the hell out.