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In conversation: India


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For two decades India has been talked up as an emerging economic giant along with China. This panel discussion examined what to make of the Indian elections and its new  prime minister, Narendra Modi , who is both feted as a model of get-it-done governance as Chief Minister of Gujarat and condemned as a conspirator in the massacre of thousands of Muslims in the 2002 riots. What does democracy and caste mean in a country like India, and is Nehru’s vision of an Indian nation in danger of crumbling? Finally, what is the cultural meaning of last year’s Delhi rape case? This insightful debate was filmed at the Battle of Ideas festival.

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Sofie said:

Great insight into India. I work with a lot of Indians and this helps to understand their country.

Eric said:

Very interesting about the sex ratio and a different look on crimes against women in India.

Joshua said:

I think there were many good issues raised . But most interesting now that the elections are over how the country seems more positive.

Mary said:

Interesting discussion. Learnt a lot about the ground realities in India on Education and jobs. I think its facing the same problem as Europe now