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In conversation: Russia


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Russia’s Vladimir Putin is undoubtedly seen as a major ‘bad guy’ in the West. The controversial punishment of Pussy Riot; the ban on the ‘promotion of non-traditional sexual relations’ and the omnipresence of the security services – creates the impression of an oppressed nation. But many polls continue to suggest that the majority of Russians support government policies and the political opposition has failed to gain popular support. Is the West’s finger pointing justified, are Russians just suckers for ‘strong men’? A panel of experts shed some much needed light on what’s going on, in this timely Battle of Ideas debate in the run up to the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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James said:

Putin is not a bad guy, every single issue is representing the majority of people in Russia, this is called democracy, one thing you need to know about Putin, and that is why he is popular, he actually listens to his people and what they want. Gay people have full right, like any other citizens, how come I don’t see people walking in the streets with slogans promoting hero-sexual sex? Why do you need to promote sex? What is wrong with a just society, something you need to understand it is illegal in Russia to promote sexuality and it is not legal to practise any kind of sex, they even have more relaxed law when it comes to sexual acts then e have in Europe. I have lived in Russia and sadly I can tell you people are more free in their mind then we are. Try to find any western president who gets as much votes in his favour as Putin, the answer is non.

Amelia said:

This debate really made me better understand Russian’s policy and relationship with Syria.

Carol said:

Given Sochi, I do wish that politics could be kept out of sport. And the call for boycotts and Obama refusing to attend I think are bad moves and doesn’t help the Russians make up their own minds about Putin. They do a huge disservice to the athletes that have worked so hard to take part.

Anton R said:

I think it does matter that you get your own house in order rather than pointing the finger at Russia and its’ lack of freedom. People get hysterical about the locking up of Pussy Riot but the British police lock people up for tweeting jokes and silly off the cuff comments.