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Inequality: Everybody’s Doing It


Inequality: Everybody's doing it

If everyone is concerned about inequality, what, we might ask, does equality mean? In this short introductory programme to a WORLDbytes series on equality Daniel Ben-Ami tells us that campaigns against inequality today are not about making us better off. Far from it he explains, the driving force is fear of a fragmenting society by an anxious middle class concerned “to curb what it regards as excesses at both the top and bottom of society. It sees itself as living in a nightmare world being ripped apart by greedy bankers at one extreme and ‘trailer trash’ at the other.” All that this obsession nurtures is more interference in our lives, regulation, attacks on freedom and our aspirations. ‘Fairness’ means everyone making sacrifices and a culture of restraint which of course suits politicians’ austerity drive.

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WORLDbytes – The School of Citizen TV » Against Austerity: Aspirations said:

[…] WORLDbytes Video Inequality: Everybody’s doing it […]

Fola said:

i don’t believe that equality should mean that we all have less, as humans its our nature to push the boundaries and acquire more. Some people work very hard to acquire the things they own and have. However it should be that no one person lives in such a position that is below the poverty line and everyone be presented with the same opportunities

Worldwrite inequality film - said:

[…] feature in this short film by Worldwrite on the debate about […]

HP said:

I don’t agree with comments as despite points made in video surely there is a connection as argued in Spirit Level between ill health, crime and so on and inequality and what is wrong with curbing excess to tackle those things.

Sadie Gersun said:

Difficult one, point on excess & regulation well made and very obvious when you think about it surely this means even old fashioned redistribution is better than the new inequality fad, where no-one gets more and everyone is worse off?

Hollis said:

Just because politicians are pushing restraint shouldn’t mean we stop fighting for equality in its original sense of more for everyone

Zara said:

makes you think-should we even demand equality if it now means having less