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Institute of Ideas: Election Pledges


8 Institute of ideas pledges

In the studio, Saleha Ali interviews Dave Bowden from the Institute of Ideas on their 21 pledges for progress 2010 campaign. The IoI proposes 21 pledges to put to your MP from open borders to an end to booze bans. The charity WORLDwrite is backing their campaign to re-enfranchise the electorate by putting big issues back on the agenda not sound bites or voting for the sake of it.

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Ace123 said:

I like how Dave explained that the pledges are part of having a bit of faith that there are some politicians out there with some beliefs and ideas they value. I am skeptical that there are politicians that will stick their necks out and argue for progressive politics in the pledges but some well worth pledges to make into policies here.

visa2020 said:

It’s a good idea to get prospective politicians to stand up for some principles rather than just being competent managers. Some of these pledges are well worth considering.