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Is individualism bad for society?


Is individualism bad for society?

Everything from social fragmentation to the economic crisis, and the riots that broke out across English cities in the summer, have been blamed on a modern ‘cult of individualism’.  But isn’t there something to be said for individualism? Strong individuals have been admired for their courage and imagination and valued for their unique contributions to society. Speakers in this debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas bring fresh thinking and include Dr Maurice Glasman, author, Unnecessary Suffering: managing market utopia; Clifford Longley, leader writer and columnist, Tablet; John Sutherland, author, The Lives of the Novelists; Bruno Waterfield, Brussels correspondent, Daily Telegraph; author, No Means No!

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Gia said:

the question that “being individualism or Collectivism is good or bad” is not black and white. these two will go together to build up a better society . which one is taking control over the other depends on the current situation of that society.

Seperating them on different viewpoints to accuse each other is against the nature.

Nabib said:

I am not sure I agree with below comment as we are nothing without each other and solidarity cannot be inspired by what each of us want as necessarily we have to sacrifice things in order for the common good

Rubina said:

This is a fascinating debate. It is so common these days to say that we have become a society of selfish individuals who care little about the other but this debate questions amongst other things whether selfishness is the opposite to solidarity, in fact a speaker argues that they go together. It really made me think, the speakers are excellent; see what you think