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Is it time to build on the green belt?


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All sides of the political divide agree there is a housing crisis in the UK but they all seem short on answers. Some suggest we need a radical loosening up of Britain’s notoriously restrictive Planning laws most notably in the Green Belt surrounding London. Is opposition to building on the Green Belt really just Nimbyism? In this compelling debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas, no one holds back and many fresh insights are shared. The speakers are Labour MP Dr Rupa Huq, chief executive, National Housing Federation David Orr, architect and writer Karl Sharro and head of planning at the Campaign to Protect Rural England Matt Thomson. The chair is Institute of Ideas fellow Jason Smith.

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Daniel said:

Great video! We should stop protecting the green belt and start building on it instead. We need more houses than we need wetlands.

Kimberly Edwards said:

Impressive panel and rather amazing that the architect guy seems to win over the CRE speaker even. Quite a surprise!

Harriet said:

Really good video I’m impressed that you seem to air points of view we rarely hear. Thank you and keep at it. I’m not sure I agree with building on the Green Belt but there are some very compelling arguments here not all of which I have considered before.