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It Should Be News: Anti-Semitism


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WORLDbytes new show It Should Be News aims to ensure serious issues get the attention they deserve. The onset of the Gaza-Israel conflict has fuelled a serious wave of anti-Semitism across Europe, yet it remains little reported or challenged in the media. In this first programme Daniel Ben-Ami helps us understand what is going on and why challenging anti-Semitism is vital. Do share with your networks and we’d be delighted to read your comments too.


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Eaman said:

This was an interesting perspective on anti-Semitism, and the growing anti-Sematic views in Europe. I think with the Israel-Palestine conflict, the anti-sematic views need to be revaluated, and one needs to understand the root of the issue. This video brought up underlying questions such as: why do people get so heated and feel personally attacked in this particular conflict? I also think the idea that the Jewish need their own state to tackle anti-Semitism is a problem in itself. The notion that the Jews need their own state because they can’t be accepted anywhere else, is them believing in their own victimization. Rather the focus needs to be on accepting all individuals in society including the Jewish, and working on co-existence of all communities.
We as a society need to challenge conspiracy theories, and old anti sematic themes. As well as eliminating the victimhood culture, by challenging it. It also brought up the question of the media, and why we focus on this particular conflict (Israel-Palestine) compared to other conflicts like this worldwide.

Chidera said:

It seems that many people in the West use the Isreal-Palestinian conflict as an excuse to demonstrate their anti-Jew sentiment. I do not agree with what Isreal is doing but it seems that what they are doing is out of fear. I believe that the only way to resolve this conflict, is to allow Palestinians and Israelis to come up with a political solution on their own.

Emma said:

Really interesting video– having never come across anti-semitism myself, I was surprised to hear about the extent of it, so I think this was a great topic for an ‘It should be news video’. It is clearly something that people should be more aware of– the case of the reviews of that book sound like people’s ignorance of the topic and its history is letting it go unnoticed.
However, I think the argument he made about the conflict not being put in perspective of other contexts is one isn’t in any way exclusive to this issue– sometimes it might be increased reporting of the subject by the media, in isolation and never comparing it to others that leads to this view rather than anti-semitism?

Aisha P said:

GOOD. well explained but I suppose I am slightly unconvinced that it is a really big issue but I can see it must not be ignored.

Gemima said:

Very good brings the issue to the fore and noone has really spent much time on this. Appreciated.

Winston Olufemi said:

I found this highly informative thank you. I did think there were broader aspects to Zionism he doesn’t touch on including it being about Jews as racially different, which I have a problem with although I can see the issue of the state being more pertinant at the moment and the line between anti-semitism and anit-zionism being blurred.