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Job Camp


As unemployment figures soar, the UK government comes up with a cunning plan to show lazy, useless, benefit scroungers a trick or two.  Job Camp is the latest government scheme aimed at the unemployed.  A roaring success, this first workshop sees participants heading off to Africa to shine shoes and others offered work in the Icelandic winter wonderland sucking up volcanic ash to clear the air.

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Kelly Armitage said:

Love Fluffy & the Captain is brilliant… YEP RESPECT…

Carol said:

How hilarious.
I love Job Camp Sir! But I can’t come sir!
Unfortunately, I can’t go for the Underwater Cleaner post…I’m Asthmatic!
I can’t go for the Dust Sucker job either…I’m Asthmatic!
Nor can I go for the Shoe shining job…I’ve got a bad back.
And guess what? I can’t go for Rich Pickings either… I’ve got a bad back!
But can I have a hat anyway?

Demi said:

Haha. This spoof is hilarious. The jobs on offer are just plain ridiculous ~ cleaning out pool whilst “not breathing”.

“I love job camp sir, I’m the lucky one sir”. Oh the irony.