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Keeping Africa Small


From small-scale projects to HIV/AIDS programmes, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) are everywhere in the developing world. However well meaning they may be, their programmes epitomise low horizons and often get up the noses of everyone – from fishermen to shanty town inhabitants – and even make them laugh out loud. Shot in Ghana, Godbless, Wofa, De Roy and local fishermen and women loathe the peanuts offered and sanctimonious lessons in good behaviour. They want jobs and material advancement, and for NGOs and aid agencies to stop treating them like children. As Godbless tells us: “Africans have big brains, big aspirations… and want to live in liberty.” This is just a trailer, for more details of this documnetary visit the film’s dedicated website here. The full film is available on DVD from the WORLDwrite Shop.

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Aisha said:

Its a sad sight to know that we still haven’t grasps that what may “work” for us in Europe (and its questionable to even say these systems and policies have “worked” for us) may not work for those in Africa or other Continents or countries around the world. Even if we choose not to consider the basic needs and human rights of the people in Africa, if we carry on trying to give Africa a European mask, with all the policies we THINK they need will we not end up with a world bearing the same face. Africa has a rice heritage of natural resources, and numerous vibrant cultures, more time NEEDS be spent talking LISTEN and uniting with the people in African to help improve, areas like running water to all…IM FLABBERGASTED THAT RUNNING WHAT IS NOT A MUST ON THESE NGO TO DO LISTEN…rather than the dramatics of “making people cry” for the camera…..

Karosza said:

it makes me angry and at the same time really sad that despite the number of NGOs, despite the amount of programs no big difference takes place. obviously things need time to develop but there seem to be a wrong attitude on a basic level. people in Africa are not of some other category and should not be treated in a patronizing way. the best thing we can and should do is to acknowledge this, change our attitude instead of demonizing this ‘poor, uneducated, undeveloped continent’ and give them a fair chance to realize their human potential.

Virgo2T said:

it’s shameful to think that the governments solution to ghanaians in reference to them getting clean and safe drinking water is for them to rig up some sort of bicycle roap system. NGO should stop thinking that they are thinking so small.

Huong said:

Very interesting piece of document

Elfie said:

Thank you for this pod I truly appreciate the African view, which is almost NEVER expressed……