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London Behind the Scenes: Brick Lane


1.brick lane

This alternative tour of Brick Lane and the Whitechapel area transports you through time and examines the changing attitudes and ideas about race and the impact of immigration over the centuries. This programme of online, on foot and on film alternative tours promises a fresh look at the capital’s rich history and to take us behind the scenes. Here is a glimpse of where the inimitable guides will take us on our PC screens and on foot.

Related topics: History, Social Change

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Karen said:

Can anyone remember the name of the tropical fish shop at 1 Brick Lane in the late 60s early 70s any photos would be great to. Thank you.

jeff chandler said:

I have to say something I was born in 1956 in Whitechaple hospital and lived in 47 Quaker st E1 for some six years above a shop called lyons, then moved to Code st no 1 My dad had a garage in Bricklane SOS motors in 1967 I lived there most my life, There was a lot of jewish people there. many of them shop owners did you know a lot of clothes like beba and others was made in bricklane it is a great place new cultures moved in and things changed. but we have to move on and work together, but looking back @ those pictures on here from the 60s 70s 80s that was just a normal way of life there was nothing wrong i used to bottle up @ the old 2 brewers when i was 14 had a job worked in hackers hardware shop on saturdays corner of cheshire st always up the market on a sunday, maybe because you lived outside of the area you found it different so many things i could tell you and I am not jewish just a eastend boy. Anything you would like to know just ask

anabela said:

It was really a good video about Brick Lane with a clean English where this video talks us about immigration, and about poor and rich lives. I would like to know more about this place because i am interested to known a little more why all this happened and the reasons

veronica said:

This video enriches our knowledges about British history specialy for foreign people.and the migration toLondon. and I can say nowadays some of these things happen again just with little differences.

Mariya Gencheva said:

I’ve been to Brick Lane.It was a very interesting walk with my teacher and colleagues at the college.There is so much history collected in this area .
I loved the contrast between the huge, complex, new glass brick buildings and small houses with walled-in windows, filled with multiple histories.

nelly said:

Very interesing, good information for imigration history in UK.

Nanny said:

This is wonderful region, believe me anyone have to visit Brick Lane.

turorudi said:

It is very interesting video. I didnt know too much about London history. My teacher took us to Brick lane for a trip and he was telling us some history about london. When i was in primary school i wasnt interested in a world history but now i changed my mind.i want to know more then now.Thank you for this video.

Alberto Espada said:

I think this video is interesting and you can understand better how London has become the city that today we know. This video doesn’t involve only a history about the londoners, it is about the important changes in a country and racist progession. Is always good to learn more about history.

Yulfary said:

I think that, the story is very important for everybody, because you can learn so much about London.
I think is great and i enjoy that.

blizzjames said:

very interesting

muchi said:

these tours are a lot of work, thanks to those volunteers who developped it.

SarahMate... said:

the docks and the Brick lane tours are really interesting

mariaber... said:

This is a really lovely tour and very informative makes me want check out the docks story myself and visit – very revealing. The onus on manufacturing making Britain great is not how we tend to see things these days as the onus is always on trade.

Sarah Johnns said:

This is very good and surprising I think the immigration debate and Brick lane pieces are very informative and need to be seen by many I do appreciate the funny shorts. I hope you are getting a good audience you certainly seem to have a lot of talented shooters. I shall book mark and pass it on Best wishes

Victoria K said:

I found this segment very interesting, informative and educational. It’s wonderful to see young people take an interest in London’s History and make it live! I will certainly be recommendating this Website to the numerous young people I come into contact with in education