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Low pay: needs versus mythical limits


The UK is one of the richest nations in the world, so why are so many of us paid so little? This report interviews individuals feeling the pinch, talks to Living Wage campaigners and discusses low pay with economist and writer Stuart Simpson. Stuart explains that higher wages for all are perfectly possible.

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zett said:

This report is very revealing and interesting but there is one point I need to address. I don’t think focusing on making more affluence is enough since it is doubtful that employers will give their employees higher wages just because buisness is going better, not when they aren’t one of those who have to worry about losing their employees to other companies. Due to that, I think that an employee’s wage should be tied to the profit the employer makes. This way one can really concentrate on making more affluence (for all).

muchi said:

It hurts to cut expenses for kid’s extra activities.

SarahMate... said:

6 ponds/hour, what a shame!

mariaber... said:

This is all too revealing especially the enforced overtime just to get enough to buy your kids stuff, supermarkets using all the politicaly correct rubbish in the book to persuade people they want fewer hours from flexi time to child care this is a vital expose, well done.