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Made by Migrants: Brunel


4 Made by Migrants Brunel

Rows over immigration which blame migrants for everything from lack of services to housing shortages fail to consider the role that migrants have played in fighting for more for everyone and creating great cities. Lesser – known migrant, but brilliant engineer Marc Isambard Brunel invented the Tunnelling Shield which paved the way for the underground system and the channel tunnel. This is the first of a series investigating the role of migration in the development of civilization.

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and losses. Fans and media members who think the football Bedlam Series is a premiere rivalry.
I guess a handful of suspensions was enough to satisfy the NCAA.

A said:

And without his father having migrated to the UK London wouldn’t thrive as much as it does.

A said:

This video is so interesting. Now I know who Brunel university was named after! It’s interesting to see how the first underwater tunnels were made, Brunel’s clever thinking and how hard people worked and how they were willing to risk their lives to make things better for everyone by creating a solution to the transport problem and Brunel’s determination to prove that his idea would work.

Bryn Bird, Chairman, The Brunel Museum said:

The boldness of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s vision and enterprise has made him the most famous of all the remarkable Victorian engineers, but an inadvertent consequence has been that his achievements have overshadowed, almost to the point of invisibility, the achievements of his father, Marc Isambard Brunel.

Sir Marc Isambard Brunel was one of the greatest civil and mechanical engineers of the late 18th-/early 19th centuries, a man of even greater inventive genius than his son. And his life was even more adventurous: a Frenchman who escaped the guillotine to become explorer, then Chief Engineer of New York, he finally settled in enemy England, married a girl from Portsmouth, invented mass production, started the tube system and finally established a dynasty of engineers.

WORLDwrite’s excellent film pays tribute to a refugee who transformed London and helped create a world city.

lauren said:

Let everyone in, you know it makes sense. This film shows a great story of a migrant who were a huge part of civilising our city. We need more today as there is a lot to do, to make, to build, to research and develop.

kentucky said:

wow, thanks for another corker

visa2020 said:

Brilliant! The greatest of Britons, Isambard, turns out to be the son of a (very talented) French migrant. Engineering without borders!