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Magna Carta – 800 Years of Freedom: A Spiked Debate


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While it was a document of its time, the Magna Carta also contained the seeds of the modern era: the idea that the state must sometimes be restrained in the name of freeing the individual. Today, however, belief in that idea is fraying, and the liberty and sovereignty of the individual, even his very ability to shape his own life, is being called into question. In this inspiring debate arranged by spiked and filmed by WORLDbytes volunteers with students from the University of Connecticut in London, an eminent panel of speakers explain how the gains of the Magna Carta are being undone. They suggest we need a new project for liberty and freedom from the state, not more rights and state protection.

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bashkimi populit said:

The funny or should I say sad part of it is the reality of current global crisis. The enlightenment would be the beginning of people ability to see, meaning see the truth.
To see means you ready, to be ready means you enlighten.
Where everything is simple and visible. Where the globe is bigger version of family home, smaller version for easier demonstration of global crises. Family home with few siblings inheriting the wealth. So if I was an outsider and came for visit and discovered that the equally sheared inheritance was not the situation that I was witnessing. Some where pourer than other, one obviously rich and few just surviving. No hesitation, I would immediately come to conclusion that foul play was committed. Rich one won’t be the successive one but opposite, the perpetrator.