This multi-award winning channel produces programmes made by volunteers trained by the charity WORLDwrite

Meet the Crew

Meet our Citizen TV Crew

The volunteers below created the programmes on WORLDbytes while learning to shoot.

Elizabeth Elizabeth: I’m looking into working in film-making and WORLDbytes has an amazing course that has helped given me the extra knowledge and experience on how to operate a camera and put what I have learnt into the interviews I got to film. This whole course has given me the opportunity to know what it’s like to work with a real film crew. Along with this, I have enjoyed discussing about the issues of living in London and about what it’s like to be a women in the 21st century. Overall, volunteering with WORLDbytes has been the most brilliant experience I’ve done. Everyone here is so kind and helpful, as well as being very opinionated and mature. I’m glad that I chose to come here and volunteer with them.
marina Marina: I came wanting camera training and journalism experience, but WORLDwrite has also encouraged me to challenge my political and global thoughts. Instead of perpetuating the same predictable feminist ideas as mainstream media outlets, WORLDwrite aims to speak truth on such issues with their new documentary on women through real life narratives and stories. To be involved in the research, transcribing, and shooting of the film has been an amazing opportunity to gain hands on experience in film making, while learning from all of the amazing women involved.
Caroline Caroline: As an American, I have had an incredible time getting to know people at WORLDWrite who come from a variety of places around the world and each have different backgrounds, stories, and experiences. Despite these differences, everyone at WORLDWrite shares a desire to work both hard and well. At my time here, I not only learned significant amount of information about video production, but also feel like a more enriched and understanding person.
Lian Lian: WORLDbytes provides an opportunity to be able to educate yourself and others on topical/political issues through documentaries/films. Camera training is also provided for free, which is a challenging but fun part of the programme.
Abdel Abdel: My time at WORLDwrite has been amazing; I have met new people and made new friends. I have also learnt a lot during my time here, including how to set up and operate a professional camera, which will be useful to me, as I take A Level media. My work efficiency has also increased during my time here allowing me to get a good amount of work done in a short amount of time. I was also included in different discussions which allowed me to get my voice across and my opinions to be heard, which was very insightful. Thanks to WORLDwrite for teaching me all of these new skills that I will certainly need in the future.
Augusta Augusta: Before WORLDwrite, I didn’t relate challenging ideas with the workplace, but the charity has made me think more critically about my views on various topics. Volunteering at WORLDwrite has proved to be a valuable experience because it holds views that I had never encountered before, which make the workplace a place where I not only learn about the management of a charity and film-making, but also where I come to think about current issues and what to do about them.
Hui Chen Hui: I joined WORLDbytes because I wanted to improve my English, be involved in the community and make new friends. Furthermore, I wanted to acquire more knowledge about what happens in the world and about history. I will certainly add this experience on my CV, so I can go to University.
Milo Milo: At WORLDwrite, I learnt how to use a professional camera, which helped me a lot for my media work at college. We also worked on a short report with a producer who taught us how to position the cameras while filming. I was also the host, so I got to ask the guest some questions, which has given me the confidence for any future filming I may do. Prior to joining WORLDwrite, I also had no interest in politics or even talked about whether 16 year olds should get the vote, but now after being at WORLDwrite, I want to keep up to date and know what is going on in the news every day.
Suely Suely: Volunteering with WORLDwrite has helped me to talk more with other people and also learn many new things that I will take for life. It was a good experience to work with WORLDwrite.
Ignatius Ignatius: I joined WORLDwrite because I am looking to break into the media industry, WORLDwrite provided an opportunity to get valuable hands-on experience and have fun at the same time! The team is like a big family and I felt instantly welcomed, I can’t wait to help out on future projects! Would definitely recommend if you’re looking to get new skills or meet some great people!
George George: The reason I liked WORLDbytes is because of how critical they are of the mainstream media.
Samuel Bekoe Samuel: My name is Samuel and I’m 18 years old, I joined WORLDwrite because I have an interest for Film and TV and I wanted to learn more about using a camera and also improve my confidence behind the camera.
Shirhan Mohamed Shirhan: WORLDwrite gave me the opportunity to learn how to operate a film camera and how to work within a film crew. Grateful for the opportunity and would recommend it to anyone who wants to meet new people as well as learning new skills! Thanks WORLDwrite.
Clara Clara: I joined WORLDbytes because of its strong philosophy and values, which I share. It’s a perfect opportunity for young people like myself to have their voices heard through their own creations and to learn the art of controversial filmmaking.
Rachel Rachel: I’m Rachel, a liberal arts student and lover of all things film and TV. Getting involved with WORLDbytes seemed perfect for me because I believe in the value of hearing all sides of a debate.
Jessie Jessie: My name is Jessie, I’m 18 years old and I joined WORLDwrite for a new experience outside of my comfort zone and to learn new and exciting things.
Hannah Hannah: With a keen interest in media and current affairs, I joined WORLDbytes as I was impressed with their diverse and forward-thinking content. To be a part of the camera crew for this years ‘Battle of Ideas’ festival at the Barbican Centre is a privilege and a fantastic opportunity provided to me by the WORLDbytes team. I hope to continue assisting the charity in future projects.
Anna P Anna: I got involved in WORLDbytes because I am passionate about politics and debating, and love the idea of engaging with big questions while making something that communicates these ideas to everyone.
Claire Edgley - photo 2 Claire: I joined WORLDbytes because I wanted to contribute to the conversation about the world’s stories, controversies, and issues. However, recently, various threads of my life have led me to realise that this isn’t something I could do through writing in front of a computer screen – I needed to change my medium: film. Volunteering for WORLDbytes has been the perfect first step for learning about camera operation. Their training is extremely thorough, and they provide you with great real-life filming opportunities to put what you have learnt into practice.
Nathalie Baker Nathalie: I want to move into the film industry as a freelance filmmaker, and WORLDbytes is perfect because it gives me a course on the basics of filmmaking, hands on experience, the chance to meet other young people who want to learn about film, and a diverse environment tackling head-on the many issues in our society at the moment.
Juliana Juliana: I joined WORLDbytes because I’m passionate about engaging with current affairs through visual media, especially television and film.
Charlie Pearson Charlie: I have a keen interest in current affairs and the Humanities and WORLDwrite provides an opportunity to convey a strong message about topical issues.
Emily Emily: My name is Emily and I love making content on challenging issues to do with our society, hence why I joined WORLDwrite.
Gabriela Vitkowski Gabriela: I joined WORLDbytes because I wanted to get some practical experience in filmmaking as well as learning more about politics and current social issues. Even though I joined them recently, I already learnt a lot, especially during the free camera training session they provided, which was very helpful and fun.
Oxana Oxana: I joined WORLDbytes to learn more about cameras, sound and lighting.
sam Sam: Hi, my name is Sam and I am a student in London. I love debating and film, so this opportunity was perfect for me. WORLDwrite were so welcoming and professional and I am really excited for the BOI!
Jom Jom: I’m Jom, I’m a film student from London College of Communication. I’m into cameras and I’ve learnt so much from WORLDwrite. Their programmes and the topics they debate are very interesting, which is why I really wanted to get involved and be part of the team, where I’m allowed to shout during the debates! I’m having a great time with WORLDwrite.
Stephanie Final Stephanie: As an economic enthusiast who is passionate about storytelling and advocacy, WORLDbytes training programme seemed like a no brainier. I have been stretched and challenged not only through learning how to record and create films but to also think critically when it comes to approaching social issues through the variation in opinion and perspectives from its volunteers. WORLDbytes has been an enlightening experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about the world around them and who want to influence it.
Ruth 1 Ruth: My name is Ruth, I’m 22 years old and I chose WORLDbytes because I have a strong keen interest on subjects in the fields of Humanities and the Social Sciences such as History and Economics.
Amber Amber: I joined WORLDbytes because I believe strongly that young people’s voices need to be heard and this is the perfect platform to do so. It’s been such a rewarding experience giving my views and opinions on topics that aren’t raised in the media and making a difference. I have gained an immense amount of knowledge by volunteering with WORLDbytes ranging from the 2017 General Election to the Russian Revolution!
Jay Jay: WORLDbytes’ ethos of questioning received wisdom piqued my interest. I joined the organisation because the volunteer package they offer covers the gamut from free film training to a critical evaluation of contemporary issues.
Victoria Victoria: WORLDbytes gave me an opportunity to enhance my skills as a journalist. I wanted to venture into non-mainstream media and get more practical experience producing stories that would challenge the way the media would tackle that subject without limitations. WORLDbytes also connects you with a variety of people with different backgrounds and knowledge which can enhance your experience within the media sector. This is a very practical work experience and it helps you use tools to produce newsworthy stories.
Eleanor 2 Eleanor: WORLDbytes is an incredible opportunity to learn how to make films and get your voice across that I couldn’t miss! I want to have some arguments, make something I’m proud of and meet some amazing people.
Jenny Rygalska Jennifer: I was interested in WORLDbytes as an organisation to not only develop my media and production skills, but also challenge my views and extend my knowledge on a variety of social issues.
Sam 2 Sam: I signed up for WORLDbytes to improve my confidence in front of the camera, and develop the ability to produce my own content.
Olivia Olivia: I joined WORLDbytes because it was the perfect opportunity over the summer to learn how to make provocative videos about current world issues and to join the debate!
Andy Andy: I joined WORLDbytes because it encourages me to explore and debate different topics and to speak out, with a supply of free coffee (to the crew only).
Claire Claire: I joined WORLDbytes because I believe in democracy by discussion, and I wanted to interact with people who hold different views from me. It’s been a great opportunity to develop and clarify my own ideas about the relationship between an individual and society.
Izabela Izabela: I started volunteering at WORLDbytes to gain new skills and do something completely different. Being aware of and discussing issues that face our society is very important. WORLDbytes provides a platform for these views to go on and for people to access and further discuss, I find this idea of making change very inspirational.
Maryam Maryam: Having a huge interest in the political and sociological controversies of today’s digital society I feel that WORLDbytes is a great platform to channel those topics in great depth through actual practical research, filming and questioning.
Eleanor Gillam Eleanor: I decided to join WORLDbytes because of their commitment to producing honest, topical content that encourages open discussion and debate about some of today’s most pressing socio-political issues.
Ewan Ewan: There are not many opportunities for young people to get free training, hands on experience as well as engaging political debate.
Nebe Nebeyatt: As an aspiring journalist, I wanted to enhance my storytelling skills. I also want to surround myself with varying viewpoints. I chose to join WORLDbytes because of their mission to address important social and political issues in a thought-provoking way.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Wali: I joined WORLDbytes because it offered me the opportunity to experience media from a different point of view and I am so glad that I did choose it. It has allowed me to learn so much about the behind the scenes of making movies/documentaries and every day that I am here I am fortunate enough to learn something new!
Onyeka-Michelle Onyeka-Michelle: I joined WORLDbytes as I am interested in broadening my knowledge of the world of media and finding out what happens behind the scenes to get information to the public. On the course, I was able to develop as well as advance my film production skills. I had the opportunity to work as an effective team member on a short film documentary project with the charity, which was a great experience for me. The course has given me the confidence to continue to broaden my horizons, develop and create!
Fabian Fabián: I joined WORLDbytes to learn about the process of film making and improve my skills in front of the camera. I will also have the opportunity to improve my confidence and my ability to speak about politics with those around me.
Tania Tania: I recognized what an excellent opportunity it was to get practical film training for free, I couldn’t pass it up! More than that, though, it is the perfect environment to have mind-opening discussions on current social issues, and gain some good friends!
Beatriz Beatriz: When I decided to join WORLDbytes, I was only thinking about learning camera technique, but once the training started, I really liked the kind of shows we prepared because they have a higher purpose: debate and make people think more deeply about the world.
Christina Christina: I joined WORLDbytes to learn new skills and develop my interest in media production. I also wanted to be able to improve my confidence. I like to learn from others and always welcome a new opportunity, which is why I joined WORLDbytes.
Robert Robert: I am Robert and I fancy doing all kinds of volunteering jobs. I always love to learn new skills. I joined WORLDbytes because I want to learn how to make short films and of course, meet new interesting people.
Magnus Magnus: I joined WORLDbytes because it offers an excellent platform for people to discuss and debate some of the most pressing issues affecting the world today.
Tony Tony: I’m a young Egyptian man with hopes of opening the eyes of the naïve and socially blind.
Reece Reece: I like to join and work on unique and original projects. I like to take on new challenges and as an inspiring filmmaker, I want to get as much experience as I can and I always enjoy working behind the camera.
Alexia Alexia: I decided to join this charity as I am very interested in the world of media and how the information can get to people. I want to learn about film-making, but also the whole process of creating a programme. I am glad that WORLDbytes gives us the opportunity to express our views and challenge our opinions with other people.
Francesca 2 Francesca: I am creative and curious as a journalist would be, plus, I love challenges. WORLDbytes means to me: inspiration, freedom of speech, constructive debates and personal growth. I found my match.
Monique Monique: I want to get into documentary filmmaking about social issues. WORLDbytes have core values that I’ve always stood for. I joined WORLDbytes to broaden my experience and express my voice to enhance awareness in society.
jabari Jabari: As a means of satisfying my political appetite, while also broadening the parameters of my comfort zone I pursued the WORLDwrite organization. The ethos and catalogue of WORLDwrite/WORLDbytes display values and commitment I am in alignment with, and am stoked to help further.
nash Siti Nashria: TV can be an important source of education and a powerful force for good. Recent events such as Brexit and the U.S elections indicate how disconnected mainstream media is from citizens. I am interested in gaining media advocacy skills particularly for raising and talking about social issues to promote mutual understanding and a more inclusive world. I believe WORLDbytes is an excellent place to begin learning these skills. I am particularly interested in using TV for highlighting health issues, especially in low and middle income countries.
parveen Parveen: I’ve always had an interest in film production and storytelling – I’m glad to have the chance to work with the charity as they provide an amazing opportunity for anyone with a passion in these areas to gain practical experience and broaden their skill set.
irene-wong_pic Irene: My name is Irene from Hong Kong. I like journalism and am also keen to support organisations that help address social, humanity and environmental issues. I found the commitment of WORLDwrite/WORLDbytes to global equality is truly meaningful and am impressed by their publications that could bring public awareness and awake their rethinking on current issues in a more critical and diverse perspective.
sam-robson Samantha: As a film student, it is nice to be surrounded by people who are passionate about the same things I am. Volunteering is an essential part of a healthy society, meeting new people, learning new skills while developing your critical thinking, is invaluable.
noah Noah: I joined WORLDbytes as it is an organisation that looks to make programmes outside of the mainstream media. They cover a wide range of issues and give people a platform from which they can be heard.
charli Charli: I may have my opinions, but I want to understand the opinions of others, meaning I can put across a more effective argument.
roman-ibragimov Roman: As an aspiring film-maker, I find WORLDbytes an exciting initiative to discuss various issues with people who have a passion in film.
jessica Jessica: I like drama and causing chaos with my opinions.
john-lawson John: I’m excited to learn new skills, meet other open-minded people, and help to make challenging journalism.
hleb Hleb: I decided to take part in WORLDbytes in order to gain some experience and to get involved in a series of events where Politics and Society are discussed. I think, it could help me to become more versatile.
anais Anais: WORLDbytes/WORLDWrite really caught my attention because I have never seen an organization like this before. I’ve always been interested in international affairs and journalism, so I thought this charity was perfect for me.
noel Noel: As a student passionate about studying history and politics, I feel that WORLDbytes will offer me a greater insight into these areas whilst also giving me a host of media related skills.
neeraja Neeraja: After gaining my English Literature degree I joined WORLDbytes to explore and challenge the different global issues while receiving media training.
morgan Morgan: Hi, I enjoy making films at my local film school so I decided to expand my experience of filming by applying to join WORLDbytes.
molly Molly: I am a driven and socially engaged west-Londoner, hoping to share stories and make an impact through television. The TV programmes I find most engaging often tell stories of those who are misunderstood or underrepresented in society. I love what WORLDbytes stands for and l hope to learn a lot along the way.
bamba Bamba: I‘m a Senegalese filmmaker with strong social engagement.
karla Karla: WORLDbytes is about challenging the ordinary, I want to be part of a generation that thinks critically and acts creatively to promote social justice.
greta Greta: I have always had a profound interest in equality for all even while being surrounded by closed minded people for the majority of my life. I’m studying filmmaking at the moment and I see film and videos as a great platform in giving people a voice and expanding ideas that people might find challenging. Issues do not go away if they are not talked about.
valentina-2 Valentina: I’m Valentina and I’m a very curious person which is the reason I decided to join WORLDbytes, to keep learning about world issues on top of knowing how to use a camera. My goal in the future is to produce compelling content but also with an educational value. I want to try to inspire people to know more, do more and be more.
helena Helena: I’m interested in the ways that people interact with the media, politically and socially. I believe debate and open conversation is key in order to challenge mainstream views and attitudes.
maja Maja: I chose to get involved with WORLDbytes as I have an interest in understanding various political views as well as the fact that WORLDwrite documentaries give an important, but often unspoken perspective on both local and global issues that should be heard.
durul Durul: Cherish volunteering and love filmmaking.
xanthe Xanthe: I have loved film for as long as I can remember and I enjoy watching, reading and writing about films in my spare time. It is so rare these days to find opportunities to learn to make films for free and I am so happy to become part of the energising, inspiring team at WORLDbytes and making the most of this unique experience.
beth Beth: I decided to volunteer with WORLDbytes as I want to broaden my knowledge on film making whilst also challenging my views on international issues. I like the idea of working within a diverse team and the fact that WORLDbytes gives a voice to people that most of the mainstream media tends to ignore. I look forward to the film training workshops and working at the Battle of Ideas.
anastasia-2 Anastasia: I decided to volunteer at WORLDbytes because I have an interest in the film and media industry and hoped the experience working with WORLDbytes would give me an insight into a part of it, introduce me more to what happens behind the scenes as well as give me an overall interesting and enjoyable practical experience.
fabian-broeker Fabian: I joined WORLDbytes not only to hone my practical film-making skills, but more importantly to challenge my views and the views held by others about the issues and narratives which pervade the world as we know it. Let’s get involved.
ann-3 Ann: I decided to volunteer because I would like to learn about film and television skills, so I can then go on to study further at college. I would also like to broaden my knowledge about political and social issues.
muizz Muizz: I’ve always had an interest in global issues but not as much as I do now that I’ve been a part of WORLDbytes. I got the opportunity to share my opinions on various topics, which really made me think outside the box, including listening to views I disagreed with, while being able to defend my own perspective. The discussions and shoots really did push me to get there, as well as coming up with counter arguments on the spot, and I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to think like that if it wasn’t for WORLDbytes.
marian Marian: I’ve always been a creative person with a strong passion for freedom of speech, human rights and self- expression. WORLDbytes supports everything I am and everything I believe in.
julia-maia Julia: I was looking to challenge myself after leaving my job and came across WORLDbytes. I felt it was the ideal place to engage with issues that I am interested in, as well as helping me learn new skills to question the messages that are part of our everyday life. I think WORLDbyte’s work is very important and I feel proud to be able to be part and make a contribution to it.
gaby Gaby: I like WORLDwrite’s combination of exploring topical issues by engaging people within the community, and presenting projects that provide alternative voices. It’s an excellent opportunity to get involved with, and increase awareness of things that affect our lives, environment and future.
efua-2 Efua: I have an avid interest in world affairs and big ideas. WORLDbytes offers me the opportunity to explore one of the most popular forms of communications, hopefully while having fun!
kevin-2 Kevin: Hi, I am Kevin and I am a bright and down-to-earth person who is goal oriented and willing to succeed.
yaqing-wang Yaqing: I joined WORLDbytes to make a difference. While receiving film training, I developed my critical thinking, gained new knowledge about current affairs, which really expanded my horizons.
daniel-2 Daniel: WORLDbytes is an organization that really caught my eye. I’m very interested in the media/production field and being here has only intensified my passion. There is so much to learn about filming and how to apply these skills to work on certain projects.
robin Robin: Film and T.V. has always been a passion of mine – volunteering for WORLDbytes has provided me with the skills I needed to learn to get into the industry on a practical level whilst supporting the sterling work the charity does. On a personal level it has also been fascinating to tackle the issues with members of the public as well as broadening my own knowledge of social change and free speech.
Rebecca Rebecca: Free speech is really important and imperative to spurring on the important discussions that society often doesn’t want to have, and I was drawn to WORLDbytes because of the admirable way in which they support and fight for this right.
Emlyn Emlyn: I joined WORLDbytes to learn how to film and expand upon my skill set as a photographer. WORLDbytes has also afforded me the opportunity to educate myself further in key political issues and historical figures and events. Now I am developing both my creative craft and political discourse and knowledge at the same time.
pasindu 2 Pasindu: I decided to volunteer for WORLDbytes because I wanted to develop my camera skills and learn more about the different production stages of film. But I learnt much more than I expected as I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge about current affairs and express my ideas about global issues. Overall my experience at WORLDbytes was an enjoyable one as I was educated on key issues that are important to be aware of in the modern day.
Gregory Gregory: Before I joined WORLDbytes, I was mainly interested in the technical side of media rather than on the content. I wanted to learn how to shoot, record sound and edit videos. But since I have been here, I got more interested in the different subjects and on peoples’ views. I am really glad to have met the WORLDbytes team and all the volunteers.
Anil Anil: During my time at WORLDbytes, I learnt a lot of new things which includes setting up and operating a camera, interviewing people on the streets as well as gaining more knowledge on what’s going around in the world. It’s also great that I have actual experience of real working environment which will benefit me for the future. Not only have my interviewing skills increased, I also have a clearer understanding of how productions are developed and distributed as well as learning about the different producing stages. I’m very proud that I will be featuring in this program and it think this is a great opportunity for someone my age to have been involved in a film production.
Zac Zac: At WORLDbytes I learnt how to use different media equipment, such as tripod, camera and dynamic microphones. Learning how to use these equipment will benefit me in future because i would like to work in the media industry. I also gained more knowledge about the EU because it’s important to be informed about the news from all around the world. But my favourite part was when my group had to shoot in Dalston and interview people on their opinion about the EU.
Michael Michael: During my time at WORLDwrite, I learnt a lot of new skills and gained more knowledge about the problems currently facing the world. I became more political the more I learnt about the world and realised that I needed to form my own opinions and views about the issues of the world.
Masum 2 Masum: I decided to volunteer at WORLDbytes because i thought it would help me improve my knowledge and skills. I have learned new things such as the pros and cons about the EU and I also have learned how to set up and use a real camera which benefited me since I really want to work in the media industry in the future.
Sheerie Sheerie: My interest in TV news and production is what drew me to volunteer at WORLDbytes. It’s been a great opportunity to gain basic TV reporting and practical video camera skills, and is giving me the much needed experience to transfer my skills in print journalism to a possible career in broadcast reporting.
Jasiel 2 Jasiel: I have recently decided to volunteer with WORLDbytes because I like their programmes and what they stand for. I also have a huge passion for media and film and I would love to pursue a career in the industry at some point in my life.
Janet 2 Janet: I joined WORLDwrite to learn how to film and speak on camera, which will be a new experience for me. This project is very interesting and it will give me an insight of TV production.
Florence Smith Nicholls Florence: I’ve always had a passion for film, current events and debate, and WORLDbytes allows me to combine these interests! I can’t wait to learn more about film production and to work with other people who are passionate about telling the stories that mainstream media shies away from. Whether I’m behind or in front of the camera, I don’t want to hide from difficult issues.
Anna Bromley Anna: I chose to volunteer with WORLDwrite as I believe there is power in people mobilising and organising. Debating also allows me to build confidence in public speaking, to develop my own ideas and to contribute and maybe even progress topical discussions.
Max Haining Max: Film is becoming an ever more important medium to tackle issues and assumptions made by mainstream media, so I joined WORLDbytes in order to do this as well as gain key filmmaking skills for future. Also, my interest in documentary filmmaking was another reason for joining WORLDbytes, who are currently making the C.L.R. James film.
Tara Flores 2 Tara: I’m really interested in the influence of the media on public opinion and frequently find myself shouting at the telly so WORLDbytes’ slogan immediately appealed to me. I am really looking forward to getting to grips with the technical side of producing factual programmes and to engage with the social issues raised by WORLDbytes.
Charlotte Duffield Charlotte: I got involved with WORLDbytes to learn some filming and camera-work skills as I am hoping to pursue a career in the media or digital sector. I also love the ethos behind the charity and their commitment to making thought-provoking and innovative programmes which aren’t afraid to grapple with crucial social and political issues. I am so excited to have the amazing opportunity to work as part of the Battle of Ideas Festival crew alongside a team of like-minded and inspiring people.
Bunmi Akinwale 2 Bunmi: I have always been passionate about the film industry. This opportunity to volunteer with WORLDbytes and skilfully demonstrate the practical side of production is very beneficial and rewarding. I aspire to become a film-maker, so this is a pedestal to progress and learning ideas that are efficient, as well as exciting. In addition, it will allow me to engage with a range of diverse topics and encounters.
Pubudu 2 Pubudu: I joined WORLDbytes hoping to improve my limited knowledge in media and filming. But I realised they have so much more to offer, in terms of experiences and opportunities to increase your awareness on social issues.
Raisul Raisul: My experience at WORLDwrite has broadened my knowledge in Caribbean history and has taken me into the depth of social topics such as immigration, European Union and free speech. They clearly state what needs to be done and even confront politicians about it. Working at WORLDwrite was a vital part of my stay in London and it has broadened my view on social issues.
Toby Jones 2 Toby: I was drawn to WORLDbytes because of its willingness and confidence to create discussion and challenge sensitive issues without compromising its guiding set of agreeable principles. I’ve had many preconceptions challenged, and have learnt a great lot, especially due to the feature documentary focus on C.L.R. James. For that I am extremely thankful, especially to the great staff that sustain a welcoming and open ‘agora’ for people of all ages to critically engage in pertinent issues and share it with the world. WORLDbytes you ROCK!!!.
isabel Isabel: Before coming to WORLDbytes I had little experience in anything to do with media or film, but I knew it was definitely a path I would try my hardest to take and make possible. Since being here I have discovered that it is extremely possible, and that’s something I would never have realised on my own.
Joe 2 Joe: WORLDbytes appealed to me as it gives you skills that can be utilised both in front of and behind the camera. WORLDbytes gives you a platform to express your own beliefs, allowing your views to be challenged and you to challenge others. As an aspiring journalist, being involved in WORLDbytes has helped me become a more confident and inquisitive person and with the charity’s industry links, I hope I can continue to be involved in it for the foreseeable future.
Tayyab Tayyab: I decided to join WORLDbytes to gain more skills and knowledge but I have also met some amicable people and made great friends. The WORLDbytes team are fantastic.
Annie Annie: I volunteered with WORLDbytes initially to gain some experience in camera work and the world of the media, however I gained so much more. Through my experience with WORLDbytes I had the chance to help film the ‘Battle of Ideas’ festival at the Barbican centre. I don’t know how many organizations would allow young people some of whom, like myself had very little camera experience the chance to take key roles in such an influential and important project!
Ismail Moussa Ismail: What drew me to WORLDbytes was the idea of open borders and free movement, allowing people to move freely from and wherever they want to without any restrictions. This is a brilliant idea and a basic human right. WORLDbytes also talks about ideas and problems that the mainstream media refuses to touch, let alone present to the public.
Jessica Aitchison Jessica: I chose to volunteer for WORLDbytes to learn a bit more about production and give it a go. Before I knew it, I was operating a broadcast-quality camera, taking charge of the autocue and interviewing prospective parliamentary candidates. The WORLDbytes team are so refreshing in their approach to politics and free speech, which makes for my kind of TV!
Rebecca Rebecca: There is nothing quite like WORLDbytes. I am starting out on the path to my dream career in factual film making, and WORLDbytes has provided me with essential technical skills which will help me stand out in this competitive industry. But WORLDbytes has given me so much more than just great camera training. It has inspired me to become shrewder, informed and politically aware; it has boosted my confidence in front of a camera; and it has introduced me to a network of creative people with whom I hope to collaborate in the future. I am very proud to be part of such an inclusive and inspiring team.
Holly Holly: I got involved with WORLDbytes because they combine two of the things I am most interested in – social and political issues, and film. They tackle topics that the mainstream media fail to properly discuss; it is exciting to be a part of creating such interesting and challenging work.
Monique Monique: I decided to get involved with WORLDbytes to expand and gain new skills within film, while exploring new and challenging topics through a variety of debates. I have met so many interesting people and have enjoyed working with everyone while gaining key transferable skills within filmmaking.
Eunice Eunice: I joined WORLDbytes to get practical skills but it went beyond my expectations as i was privileged to be part of a shoot for a documentary project and got the experience that I have been dreaming of. At WORLDbytes, I learnt practical film skills but they also helped me to build my confidence.
Merja Merja: I support and share the WORLDwrite idea of Ferraris for All- the best for everyone! I truly hope that the school of Citizen TV will attract many enthusiastic volunteers as the experience offered here is absolutely amazing, unique and worthwhile!
Amar Patel Amar: WORLDbytes is a wonderful place to not only learn how to operate a camera but also sharpen your own point of view on today’s important issues. There’s a real “we’re in it together” spirit over here, a strong sense of professionalism from the staff and a willingness to help everyone find their way. We need more hubs like this in the UK.
Michael Michael: I have been lucky enough to volunteer at WORLDwrite for a majority of my semester abroad in London. In my two months with WORLDwrite I have helped with the C.L.R. James documentary and been able to attend one of the camera training packages.
George George: Participating in WORLDbytes has not only given me the opportunity to volunteer for something worthwhile and learn filming skills, but also to engage in some of the most important national and global issues facing us today.
Vicky Vicky: WORLDbytes is what I was looking for! Its project combines a critical approach to challenging and controversial social-political issues with the use of media to raise awareness on them. What is more, the videos are made by, with and for citizens. That’s real social participation! During my time with WORLDbytes, I have gained the skills-set to start filming the world around us, the stories often not told, with the aim of challenging it. We all are social-change makers…and citizen journalists!
Anthony Anthony: The opportunity to learn how to technically deliver citizen TV for free, and a strong resonance with WORLDwrite ethos, is priceless.
Harmony Harmony: There are very few places in London which offer young people the chance to enhance their skills in filming, whilst gaining in depth knowledge about the issues going on in our world today, for free! Therefore, when I found about this organisation, I quickly grabbed the opportunity to become a WORLDbytes volunteer. I hope that this course will strengthen my desire to become a journalist in the future.
Fisayo Fisayo: WORLDbytes doesn’t just make programmes, it makes pieces with a real and important political message. Volunteers at WORLDbytes constantly challenge both themselves and the world around them. In this way, WORLDbytes has helped me to realise that my work can make an impact; that my belief in the power of journalism is shared by a large group of individuals with a passion for affecting change.
Kathryn Kathryn: Since joining WORLDbytes, I’ve met so many great people and learnt a lot. The practical journalistic skills and filming experience you gain is definitely invaluable, but it’s also refreshing to have your views on global issues challenged by articulate speakers, and learn more about the world around. Every time I’ve visited the centre, I’ve been part of an engaging debate or interesting conversation. It’s safe to say that I’m both better informed and more optimistic about humanity since I joined.
Eaman Eaman: The film editing, shooting, and researching I was surrounded by in the first week, were all elements I haven’t been exposed to in the past. Not only am I grateful for the opportunity I had interning for a visionary charity, but more importantly I have become a more global and knowledgeable thinker.
Charissa Charissa: I decided to get involved with WORLDbytes because it provided such a great opportunity for me to be a real citizen journalist! Not only have I been learning very practical skills in regards to the film and documentary industry, but I’ve been exposed to new ideas and challenging debate. I’ve really felt like part of something that makes a difference and I’ve had such a great experience working with all the other volunteers.
Nancy Nancy: WORLDbytes has given me the opportunity to develop a range of production skills in front and behind the camera. This is has been particularly valuable for me as I continue to pursue a career in TV/Film production. Furthermore, here I have had the chance to research and challenge interesting, often controversial, topics and create content that is enlightening and needs to be heard.
David David: I joined WORLDbytes because not only was it a great opportunity to gain documentary film-making skills, but it was also the chance to get involved in diverse and topical subject matters and debates. It has been great working on projects like CLR James: Every Cook Can Govern and meeting lots of other interested young people!
Anna Anna: I joined WORLDbytes to get some practical experience making documentaries, and discovered so much more! Open-minded, challenging, tough debates and discussions, asking real people what they think about important issues and opening up discussions on things that no one else wants to talk about. Being trained how to use camera equipment for free, and then being able to actually make documentaries yourself is an amazing opportunity.
Lauren Lauren: I have always found it difficult to connect with the news on TV and online because watching it always felt so passive, WORLDbytes gives me the chance to learn how individuals can actually engage with influencing the debate surrounding them.
Mariah Mariah: As an aspiring journalist, WORLDbytes has given me the opportunity to produce and present quality current affairs programmes on a range of diverse topics. I have learnt how to film, interview, research and find original ideas and received multi-media journalism training from Bloomberg. I joined WORLDbytes because it is an exciting, creative and intellectually stimulating organisation which has enabled me to use my keen interest in current affairs to dig deeper into the issues of the day.
Amanjyot Amanjyot: As somebody who is passionate about TV and politics, WORLDbytes has been the ideal place for me to learn new skills, meet like minded people, and has encouraged me to think about what free speech really means. It has allowed me a platform for my views and taught me a lot about producing content. I have experienced so many new things as a volunteer film maker with WORLDbytes and I look forward to the future!
Kadijha Kadijha: I decided to join WORLDbytes in order to meet with unfiltered, unedited opinions on political debates. Given how social media makes our society scared to say what we think, the people I have met so far, whether at WORLDbytes or the Battle of Ideas, have been refreshingly honest. WORLDbytes uniquely unearths past and present voices which masses may not have heard, which is why the current CLR James project is such a great movement to be part of.
Sofia Sofia: I joined WORLDbytes because it is an amazing, ground-breaking project that allows young people to get into the media industry. On top of this, it produces challenging political programmes that provide a real alternative to mainstream media.
Shelaine Shelaine: At WORLDbytes you get to learn and develop a variety of skills and understanding of making programs, from the development stage to the production process. You also have the opportunity to get involved in long-term documentary projects. The experience that you gain from WORLDbytes is invaluable if you want to pursue a career in media.
Jeremiah Jeremiah: I enjoy working for WORLDbytes because they tackle global issues in a way that is rarely seen in mainstream media. The concept of free speech is truly appreciated here. WORLDbytes also enables me to take part in a wide range of social issues among a diverse group of people, so I’m guaranteed to learn something new every time. During my time here, I have also been able to develop my speaking skills, particularly in front of camera, as well as learn the fundamentals of film-making.
Stephanie Stephanie: I never filmed a debate before and it was challenging and complicated but I felt confident I could do it because I was working with great people and WORLDbytes did an excellent job preparing me for the worst!
Nadia Nadia: I joined WORLDbytes because I wanted to gain practical skills and some experience in filming. I didn’t think that I would be volunteering for long but once I joined I realised it was a great organisation where I got to meet some great people and get involved in some really amazing and challenging programmes and I have loved every minute of it.
Iqra Iqra: Working with WORLDbytes was a unique experience as I was able to analyse and discuss political issues from a different perspective, it was truly inspirational for me working with people who are so passionate about raising awareness on issues that are generally shunned away in mainstream media. This experience has given me the confidence and motivation to pursue a career in a similar field whereby I can openly express my views.
Joanna W Joanna: I’ve always been interested in filmmaking and the way society reacts to media. I joined WORLDbytes because I wanted to enhance my knowledge of current issues and meet people and hear their views on politics.
George George: I became involved with WORLDbytes because of it’s focus on delivering high quality documentary and informative films and videos to a broad and diverse audience. I have been both encouraged to take initiative, help the rest of the crew get involved in both the day-to-day logistics and get involved with general problem solving as well as taking part in the actual field shoots as a camera operator or assistant. I learned how to navigate around and operate within a strict schedule, give and receive direction, frame the image and utilise a DV camera.
Emma Emma: I joined WORLDbytes for an opportunity to create high-quality programmes. The best thing about WORLDbytes for me is the fact that everyone is so well-informed and ready with their opinions to challenge each other to think more and produce better results.
Joanna Joanna: WORLDbytes has given me the opportunity to discuss and explore interesting ideas while learning incredibly valuable and practical film-making skills. It’s great to get the chance to voice your opinions on varied topics and to get these ideas out into the world through the TV programmes we make.
James James: I decided to get involved with WORLDbytes as I wanted to shake things up in my own life – change direction in terms of career path. Not only has WORLDbytes taught me new skills in order to do that, it’s been a pleasure to work with such passionate inspiring people who want to shake things up on global social scale.
Samuel Samuel: “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, they control the minds of the masses.” (Malcolm X). What Malcom X said over 40 years ago still holds true today. The way the media informs, sells, persuade us shows that, although it is getting more and more influential new technology offers us the chance to bite back a little. This curiosity is what drove me to joining WORLDbytes.
Sabah Sabah: I have always been very passionate about giving a voice and a platform to important causes and issues, which is exactly what I think WORLDbytes stands for, and that is what drew me to them in the first place. I wanted to join a positive, active, friendly group of people striving towards the same goal: to spread awareness and truth, and to help make the world a better place.
Michelle Michelle: I came from San Francisco to WORLDbytes to help create films that will make people think about our world and discuss controversial and current issues so we can change what needs to be changed.
Bea Bea: I decided to volunteer with WORLDbytes after seeing the wide range of fantastic and hard-hitting videos they make on current issues. I felt that it would be a wonderful opportunity to get involved with an interesting and educational project, as well as gaining invaluable experience in many areas of digital journalism. Being taught by experts in the field has made me even more eager to learn and help raise awareness about the very relevant topics that WORLDbytes address.
Natasha Natasha: WORLDbytes was not the most obvious place to gain work experience to further my interest in mental health. However, I am so unbelievably grateful that I was able to have the opportunity of working for this media charity. Through my time at WORLDbytes I have developed a deeper analytical and wider understanding of the political and social issues and their effects on the world.
Tiziana Tiziana: I’ve been volunteering at WORLDbytes since 2012. As a video editor and motion grapher, it has been a great opportunity to improve my English, meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and exchange ideas on issues such as free speech.
Rosanna Rosanna: I joined WORLDbytes because I wanted to discuss and debate current social issues whilst using the media of film to get a message across to the general public.
Kerensa Kerensa: Hi, I’m Kerensa! I love volunteering and I love film, so when I found WORLDbytes I jumped at the chance! The best thing was being able to handle a professional camera for the first time and then being taught how to use it for free. Opportunities like this are extremely rare in the country, let alone within the professional film and broadcasting industries. I now hope to spread the word and make a real difference to the community via our programmes.
Laura Laura: Hi, I’m Laura! Coming from a media background I had become disheartened by how few opportunities there were to go into politically driven media. Working for WORLDbytes is giving me the chance to not only meet with likeminded, socially and politically driven people, but it has also reignited a spark of inspiration and drive to focus and advance with my own documentary ideas.
Iseult Iseult: I work in media but I have a background in politics and social affairs. Working with WORLDbytes allows me to marry these two interests, and I’m very excited about getting involved in the upcoming programme. It’s a dynamic, thought-provoking and inspiring outfit, and provides a unique opportunity for anyone with similar interests.
Aaron Aaron: The overall environment at WORLDbytes is very conducive for learning. This organization does a wonderful job at taking in volunteers from around the world with varying skillsets and levels of experience in the field, and training them to produce powerful, short media pieces.
Tiku Tiku: WORLDbytes offers volunteers the chance to develop practical journalism skills in various ways; I developed my research, writing and camera work skills which enabled me to be part of the MediaGuardian Edinburgh TV festival and do much more besides.
Federica Federica: Where I come from the freedom to inform and be informed is constantly undermined by the political forces in power. I do believe that the freedom of speech is sacred; to volunteer for WORLDbytes gives me the opportunity to give a voice to all the people that have something to say, to discuss issues from different perspectives and to raise moral consciousness.
Esther Esther: I decided to get involved with WORLDbytes, because I wanted an opportunity to spread awareness about a topic I was interested in, through a non-typical medium. In doing so, I also gained a number of skills I would have not have generally had access to, such as learning to use a camera and even approaching the public.
Mijanur Mijanur: I joined WORLDbytes because here you can really get to discuss current affairs and moral issues. It gets better as it is you who is involved and you are given a voice. If you think it couldn’t get better, you also get to make documentaries and interview the public.
Laura Laura: For me, WORLDbytes means fresh voices, fresh views and the chance to get to grips with all the parts of the programme making process: from research and filming to editing and distribution. It’s great to be involved with this dynamic, intelligent and creative place.
Diana Diana: I joined WORLDbytes because I wanted to gain practical skills and experience in film and TV. In my time here, I have met a lot of great people and I have had a lot of fun but most importantly I learned a lot about how an online TV channel really works: about filming, script-writing, directing, producing and presenting. WORLDbytes gave me the opportunity to try out different roles in program-making and thanks to them I now know where my life is heading. Thank you WORLDbytes, especially for the Bloomberg training but not only.
Damy Damy: I have a passionate interest in digital materials and I love insights in the art of production. Being part of WORLDbytes has given me the opportunity to explore this further and achieve these skills.
Maria Maria: I’ve always wanted to have my voice heard and I’ve always wanted to contribute to a more balanced and better world. I do believe that in order for there to be change, someone has to start talking about the problems in our society. So what better place to achieve this than WORLDbytes? Here our voices and opinions matter and we all are given the same opportunities to get practical skills and to have our say. So I hope to be able to continue to contribute to this amazing project!
Simba Simba: I really feel that the media rightly or wrongly shapes the way people think. Inevitably this allows the mainstream media to manipulate/control our way of thinking. WORLDbytes helps break that trend by raising issues shunned by this mainstream media. In that regard I feel honoured to be in a position to contribute in independent news production and without too much political correctness.
Alex Alex: I got involved in WORLDbytes as I wanted to get involved with the programmes and productions they put out and gain more experience in filming. I think WORLDbytes is a brilliant place where a lot of people can come together to help contribute to the challenging and thought provoking programmes they put out. It really inspired me as they are not interested in simply putting out your typical mass produced programmes but rather strive in delivering alternative points of view, which sometimes are not heard. Finally this has become a great place for me to develop on a personal level and increase my ability in many aspects; from filming to research and pre-production.
Adelah: Originally I just wanted to do some volunteering and get work experience at WORLDwrite. However, the more time I spend at WORLDwrite, the more I learn and I would really like to be more active in the ways I can help, which is why I signed up for the train and shoot programme. I am now reporting for WORLDbytes and developing a new programme.
Benjamin Hoyte: Hi, I’m Ben I’m 15 years of age and I go to Stratford Secondary School and I’m currently in my last year. I want to become a journalist-newsreader and that’s why I volunteer with WORLDbytes. I think this is a great opportunity to express my many views on things that occur in today’s society.
Vivita: I like WORLDbytes because it gives me an opportunity to learn about documentary film-making. It also gives me the chance to express my views on challenging issues that are not normally discussed in mainstream media, but are very important to the public nevertheless. Also, I like working with people, from diverse backgrounds, whose ideas help me creatively and intellectually, to better understand the issues and the present it to the world.
Jay Jay: Hi, I’m jay and I’m a student at Haringey Sixth Form Centre studying media. I want gain experience and help people know what is going on in the world. I am ready to work with WORLDwrite and help everyone as much as I can.
Temi: I like to think myself as a person with high standards and a high achievement orientation but also friendly, sociable and very talkative and unpredictable. So watch out! WORLDbytes allows me to enter a new world of ideas, to gain knowledge and understanding about current affairs and make me feel more involved in our society today. I believe that the skills I learn will be valuable to me in the near future and will definitely be something that I would like to develop on.
Fadel Fadel: WORLDbytes allows participants to discuss current world affairs that affect us all. Participating in the discussions has allowed me to critically evaluate both sides of the arguments and has improved my analytical, communication, and social skills.
Katie Katie: I would love the opportunity to be able to capture a unique point of view. Filming will help me put forward new ideas to the world.
Caitlin: My name is Caitlin and I’m an A level student from Colchester. I decided to join the WORLDbytes crew to gain some practical experience of video production before going to university. The topics WORLDwrite discuss are very interesting and different and I really enjoy being a part of the team.
Jaz: I’m thrilled to be getting involved in such an innovative and open-minded organisation. With a growing awareness of social and political issues, as well as a strong interest in the technicalities of filmmaking, I’m certain that working with WORLDbytes is going to be an exciting and inspiring experience.
Demi: What I like about WORLDwrite is that they fight for global issues, giving people such as myself a chance to voice their opinions. Furthermore I like the opportunities you get with WORLDbytes such as the train and shoot, through which you can gain many skills.
Harsha Harsha: I decided to get involved with WORLDbytes to learn more about film-making and also because they were making a film on biomedical science, which is an area that I’m interested in. I wanted to help WORLDbytes to try and communicate this scientific area to a wider audience and meet new people at the same time.
Gia Gia: I am a persistent person who is willing to explore and learn.
Rachel Rachel: I have really enjoyed volunteering with WORLDbytes as I enjoy making films that help us gain an understanding of the world around us and that explore and challenge contemporary issues.
Lisa: My name is Lisa, I am 17 years of age, I am involved with WORLDbytes to help make a change, also to meet new people and gain experience along the way.
Nigel: Hi, I am at school and I am working on the scripts for some of the news channel segments. Volunteering on this project does make you think about issues and I’d like to learn how to make a news programme.
Salma: I am at school and I want to volunteer for the news channel because I want to help people and to get experience and learn new skills for my future.
Natascha Natascha: I joined WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes to learn more about documentary making and after watching the Sylvia Pankhurst documentary I know that I have come to the right place.
Helena Helena: I decided to get involved with WORLDbytes because I’m interested in people, different cultures and points of view. The good thing is that they mix all of that with television, my real passion.
Yisum Yisum: I joined WORLDbytes because I like to explore different ideas and it’s important in a democracy to critically assess mainstream thinking. WORLDbytes is a great organisation where you can come to share your opinions with others and explore insightful, alternative views.
Aisha: What attracted me to WORLDbytes was the fact that it combined two of my interests, filming and current affairs. I wanted to be able to learn something new and express my views.
Rebekah: I am an A- level student in history, film and media. The reason why I wanted to be part of WORLDbytes was to have the chance for my opinions to be heard, while applying it to my interest in media.
Jeneice: Hi, I wanted to join because I love a good argument or should I say “debate”, plus the free film training. How could I turn it down?
Courtney: I got involved with WORLDbytes because it is very hard for a teenager with a passion in media to be given the opportunity to participate in film-making.  WORLDbytes gives young people the chance to actively engage in film-making while giving them a voice to express their views about the world around them in a medium that is accessible to all.
Krishan: I joined WORLDbytes because the topics are always controversial and are always of interest. They focus on the issues that matter and WORLDbytes brings to life debate in a new dimension. Being introduced to WORLDbytes has helped me view issues and indeed the world in a new way and has given me a perspective on current changes that I would not otherwise have been able to obtain.
Nuren: I believe in a world that doesn’t bite.
Sarah-ann Sarah-ann: I want to be part of WORLDwrite as their guiding principles are so simplistic in what they want to achieve, yet in our world today the majority treat these aims as verging on impossible.
Rebecca: I want to get involved with WORLDwrite as its documentaries give an important, but often unspoken perspective on both local and global issues. As a complete beginner to film making, I’m also excited about learning about filming and all the behind the scenes activity that goes on in making programmes.
Aurora: I will say that I am really interested to show the world what is really happening around us, and I think the best way to do it is the one that WORLDbytes does. I also like to help people in many ways, and to be a volunteer is a really good way to help others. I really want to be part of WORLDbytes, because I can help and learn at the same time.
Anita: I decided to take part because I have never had the chance to learn about filming, I love photography which is related to film and I love learning new skills, so I seized this fantastic opportunity! I also love what WORLDbytes is all about. I have a strong interest in social and international issues and this news channel is all about encouraging thought and discussion on these topics so I had to be part of it.
Tom: I’m interested in working on the WORLDbytes project because it presents a challenge to the deficit in balanced and in-depth coverage of diverse global affairs in the mass media.
Elam: WORLDbytes deals with social and political issues, both locally and internationally, and I feel it’s great that issues are dealt with through film, as it can be a powerful tool to propagate a message. I am very interested in the up and coming projects at WORLDbytes, and look forwarded to learning and helping to create films, that project some of the real issues that people are facing around the world.
Orlando: I really want to get involved in worldbytes because it’s a chance for me to get involved in making documentaries and films about subjects that really matter, but also because I reckon I’ve got a lot to contribute too.
Camille: I want to be able to talk and report about the things that matter, rather than what a media corporation has deemed newsworthy. That’s why I want to volunteer and work with WORLDbytes; the topics covered are varied, interesting, and don’t just follow an official party line. WORLDbytes questions things that more mainstream journalists have given up questioning. I think being involved will give me the skills to take part in other WORLDbytes activities as well as be a step towards the type of journalist I one day want to be.
Christelle Christelle: I am an enthusiastic girl who is interested in social issues. I want to challenge and question what we as a society take for granted, and I think WORLDbytes is the right place to do that.
Julian Julian: I am a filmmaker and writer. Volunteering with WORLDbytes lets me explore Citizen TV programme making and enables me to engage and participate in intellectually stimulating debates as well as collaborate on challenging shoots. With WORLDbytes I can be a part of some of the most important debates and issues of our times concerning events happening right now and events that will have an impact on the future. I believe that our individual voices are one of our most important tools in shaping the future we will all inevitably live in and share and that is why I am a volunteer at WORLDbytes.
Stefanie Stefanie: Hi, I’m Stefanie from China. I am very lucky to find volunteer experience in WORLDbytes since media and filming are my interests. I also value the opportunities to discuss and participate in practical activities with other volunteers to promote, explore and study global and local issues around ourselves. The world is changing every second, and WORLDbytes makes me believe that our motivation and participation can change others as well as ourselves.
Dario Dario: I joined WORLDbytes because I feel inspired by journalism, debates on current affairs and critical thinking; WORLDbytes is a highly accessible way to get involved in a young, highly inquisitive and nevertheless positive professional environment with high standards and ambitious expectations. WORLDbytes shows how a tiny reality can do big things, enhancing people voices and their ability to express their opinions. The genuine enthusiasm that WORLDbytes transmit to its volunteers and its public should be encouraged and taken as a role model for broader developments.
Fatna Fatna: I joined Worldbytes because I am interested in citizen journalism. Worldbytes is an excellent platform to discuss current affairs, as well as global and local subjects. The team always have a proactive approach that involves creativity and knowledge. Also, we can help in various ways (filming, debating, writing, etc), which is an open-minded and easy way to get involved in any project.
Henna Henna: I joined WORLDbytes because they combine my two passions of writing and international issues. Volunteers come from all walks of life but everyone shares the drive and enthusiasm to push forward awareness of international issues and that makes this a really engaging (and fun!) organisation to be part of.
Lara Lara: I wanted to do some volunteering abroad to gain practical experience and get new skills after university and WORLDbytes gave me the chance to do it. Thanks a lot to all the crew! It’s not easy to be given an opportunity in media and WORLDbytes gives young people the chance to get involved in film-making and work with social and international issues, which is really interesting!
Leonardo Leonardo: I helped create some of the opening sequences for WORLDbytes programmes. During my time here, I have enjoyed lots of creative freedom and I was encouraged to go further. Don’t expect a bunch of people who buy into the liberal agenda but do expect people who think further and challenge almost every aspect of a news story. For me, this has been a real eye-opener. You end up seeing the world differently and it turns some of your own ideas upside down.
Christina: I joined the WORLDbytes team because I’m interested in social issues and film making. I was particularly attracted after watching the reports on the website, which encouraged me to think about and question important issues affecting our society today.
Sam: I joined WORLDbytes in hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of the political world around us. I think it is important for one to directly engage with important social issues rather than being a passive observer. WORLDbytes gives me the practical tools of film to do exactly that. Also WORLDbytes is a great way to meet new people and exchange views thus broadening my perspective.
Rachel Rachel: I volunteered because I realise that through debate, a deeper understanding of the world around us is developed. I enjoy working for a cause that has set up an environment for free speech and nurtures creativity and a thirst for knowledge beyond that which is forced upon us.
Katja Katja: One of your most important principles is: open borders and me as German, wanting to explore the whole world, represents this idea. One chance of exploring the world is working for WORLDbytes as I want to broaden my horizon and gain practical experience.
Kasia Kasia: I wanted to get involved with WORLDbytes because the topics covered are ones that are of interest to me. I wanted to actively make a difference and also wanted to meet people along the way.
Richard Richard: I wanted to get involved with WORLDbytes because I never want to stop learning – about politics, about film, and whatnot.
Adam Adam: The reason why I want to volunteer at WORLDwrite is because I believe life is not about being content, it’s about experience and enriching yourself through as many different experiences as possible. WORLDwrite not only promotes enrichment for all but through the power of WORLDbytes, delivers other people’s experiences, ideas and opinions in a bid to enrich us all.
Pete Pete: To receive film training as an aspiring director, that’s brilliant – To argue my point across, now that’s priceless. How could I turn this down?
Michael Michael: When I watched the WORLDbytes films I discovered views that I had never heard expressed during mainstream discussions, views that immediately made sense, and were backed up with intelligent, human centred arguments. I wanted to learn more and be a part of showing other people an alternative point of view.
Kira Kira:We can see the light, right? I’m volunteering with WORLDbytes because ignorance and the self righteous view of a complacent society has dug itself a narrow hole. I believe the only way through a hole, without ending up in the past, is by working our way though to the other side. And that side is one of knowledge, understanding and freedom, through airing views, debates and sparking the flow of new ideas and people. Working with new technology and innovative ways of reaching the public to get these voices heard.
Halea Halea:Yes, I would very much like to be part of WORLDbytes because I want to listen, speak up, stand up, confront, analyze, capture, portray, interview, and share ideas, thoughts and notions concerning humanitarian subjects. I want to have a byte of the world and share it.
Polly Polly: I want to say a lot of things and with WORLDwrite I hope I can say them louder.
Josephine: I think that it is really important to challenge views that are often taken for granted. I think that film us a great way for people to make their voices heard and I would love to learn more about it.
Lucy: I have always been passionate and pro-active and I feel I will be able to contribute a lot to discussions from my knowledge and also my beliefs. I am outspoken and it is nice meeting some equally outspoken like minded people- plus I need some inspiration.
Keziah: As a documentary and factual film enthusiast, I’m looking to gain useful practical experience which can be applied on any future project. Having got a little bit of work experience in the field, I’m ready to get more hands on and stuck in. My passion really is for films that matter and this is what Worldwrite are about. This is the perfect environment in which to learn new skills and contribute to the work of a worthwhile organisation.
Charlie: The reason why I want to get involved with WORLDbytes is because I want to gain more knowledge about the issues that surround us, that are not talked about as they should be. I want to be a part of WORLDbytes to help deliver these issues and open people’s eyes to them. A life without knowledge is not a life at all.
Amelie: I have a great thirst for learning new things and knowing more (in this case both about the filming AND the topics – especially the higher education issue) and I believe that the motivation, energy and inspiration that a challenge like this sparks in me can help make this project an amazing one.
Cate Cate: I’d like to get involved with WORLDbytes to learn about filmmaking and to learn about current affairs by working with other people with different opinions.
Natasha: Two of my biggest interests in life are film journalism and equality. This is combined with a suspicion about the limitations of mainstream media. I wanted the opportunity to develop my skills in an environment where I wouldn’t be encouraged to compromise my views and WORLDbytes seems to strive to do exactly the opposite: ACE!!! Cannot wait to get stuck in.
Joey: Hello WORLD! Q: What do you call a cow with no legs? A: Ground beef. I’m JB… Making people think, and laugh, and using film to do it!
Karishma: It’s important to be aware of social and political issues. Having the chance to discover and learn about these issues and then reflect them through film, whilst learning filming techniques is perfect for me.
Edward: After visiting the WORLDbytes website I was intrigued by the content of the video clips produced by the volunteers. I believe that I could throw in my two pence whilst taking away a great experience shared by other spirited people with strong views on local and world affairs.
Xiaoqi: WORLDwrite overturned my long-held perception of a charity. I am amazed by the diverse ideas and viewpoints regarding current affairs from everyone here pouring into my stubborn mind and enabling me to self-doubt and self-challenge. After getting involved in several events, I hope I can see and think more critically and thoroughly which is essential to a person having a passion about media and gain more experience in shooting and filming.
Martha: It is an honour to be part of WORLDbytes. This will give me a platform to apply my creativity and express my opinions on relevant issues in today’s society. I anticipate learning a great deal.
Abi Abi: Given a stronger constitution and better language skills, I think I would have made an amazing documentary film-maker in war zones. This is a nice start.
Anca Anca: I would love to be able to study more about how to convey feelings and emotions through film and also have an impact and get people involved in a certain cause. I have a passion for documentaries and I will never have a better motivation than knowing that what I do will raise awareness and change ideas.
Jason Jason: I want to be part of something that can make a difference. Volunteering with WORLDbytes enables me to share my thoughts and ideas about all the issues that matter in this world. Apart from this, being able to enhance my knowledge in media, specifically in film making through the on-the-job film training makes me more competent and effective in delivering messages to the people.
Sophie: I’m interested in questioning given assumptions about the world, and especially the way the media presents information. I would also like to gain experience and learn new skills. I admire this organisation as it approaches controversial issues in an exciting and thought-provoking manner.
Katharina: I worked for a newspaper in Colombia before. WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes give everyone the chance to investigate and report about issues the mainstream media ignores, especially about social justice and equality. And I think that’s just awesome!
Michelle: WORLDbytes seems too good to be true. An opportunity to make your voice be heard by producing high quality documentaries alongside gaining new skills and experience in the technical aspects of production. It is also a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people who I can share ideas with on topical issues whist providing a platform to voice our concerns.
Neville: I’m extremely interested in how constructive debate in the media can help raise awareness on social issues and change people’s lives for the better, and I would really love to play a part in bringing about that change.
Gemma: It is important that we voice our opinions, challenge and question the way the world works in order for us to live in a society that’s healthy and best for its people. WORLDwrite welcomes and promotes all people to have their say and this is why I am so keen on working for the charity.
Fiona: The opportunity to volunteer with WORLDbytes gives me an in-depth way of hearing both sides of the argument on many issues before I make my mind up about what’s right or wrong or opinion. They give a platform and voice to the normally ignored or silenced sections of the community. As interactive media is a growing trend,  the ability to film, edit and upload footage that can impact on people is a hugely rewarding privilege. WORLDbytes demonstrates the importance of freedom of speech and provides a positive forum for debate.
Nate: I joined WORLDwrite as I wanted to volunteer with an organisation that takes world political issues seriously, that this was done through short films and documentaries was also another compelling factor. The breadth of opinion and critical and challenging perspectives of WORLDwrite are ones that I haven’t really encountered anywhere else and as such I have learned so much in my short time volunteering here and continue to develop my own critical perspective, and this is certainly the reason I continue to stay!
Suraiya: Our world is very important and so the way it should be run is too. That is why I am interested in WORLDbytes as it allows me to be politically active as well as educating people.
Kranthi: I am very new to this work environment. I have found this in google search and found it very interesting; by participating in the project and spending time with WORLDwrite I can learn and gain knowledge of on entirely new environment.
Precious: WORLDbytes was a way for me to gain an insight into the way political issues were presented and received by the public. Also, the charity fits perfectly with my interests and subject choices as I am currently doing my A-levels.
Stephanie Stephanie: I’m getting involved in WORLDbytes because I’m a strong believer in citizen journalism and the communicative power of film. Everybody in this society has the right to express their ideas and most of us have a strong desire to do so. I want to work with WORLDbytes to create the infrastructure to do this in a productive environment where difference and opinion have mutual respect.
Lauren: I initially joined WORLDbytes to advance my technical and audio-visual skills whilst gaining practical experience within production but I have discovered and learnt so much more that I have been elevated to a new realm of understanding. I am aware that ‘the media’ can generate moral panics and make us cynical about people and ideas. WORLDbytes on the other hand promotes an understanding which doesn’t overlook or undermine people and makes ideas exciting. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to contribute, to confront the status quo and help promote global equality.
Aare Aare: Hello, I am Aare. It is a great way to give people opportunities to tell stories and let their voices heard. It’s a possibility to refresh information flow one receives daily from the mass media, and even enrich it via offering interesting new angles or solutions to taken-for-granted topics.
Chuck: I have always been interested in being involved with challenging productions and WORLDbytes has a reputation for producing such work. Hopefully I can learn and develop as a filmmaker.
Billie: Hi, my name is Billie and I am 16 years old. I joined the WORLDbytes crew to gain experience and also because I am interested in political issues of the day.
Liam: Hi I’m 17 years of age and I am a student at St. Ignatius College in north London. I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work WORLDwrite produces as well as its thought-provoking and innovative nature. The WORLDwrite ethos of equality seems strong and clear throughout the organization and it is definitely something I want to promote and be a part of as best I can, as I’m sure do all the volunteers. Initially I hope to be involved in the WORLDbytes News Channel and also the marketing aspects of the organisation.
Alex: My name’s Alex, I’m a part time administrator and museum volunteer and I’m involved in WORLDbytes as I’m interested in history, politics and how current affairs are presented by the media.
Victoria: I’m interested in discussing and filming the political debates around border controls in Europe.
Onyeka: I am involved with WORLDbytes because I am interested in making documentaries and current affairs videos that tell the alternative stories and provide a space for people who are not often heard in society to get their stories across.
Barbara: I believe in the saying “If you’re not part of the solution your part of the problem”, when I was looking for ways to gain experience in film and video production I stumbled upon WORLDbytes and I felt they were the solution in voicing social and economic issues and I wanted to be a part of it. After-all who wants to be the problem? I look forward to gain even more experiences at WORLDbytes in front of the camera and behind it.
Gail: I am volunteering with WORLDbytes in order to get behind headlines and deliver a critical and honest representation of today’s most important stories, which are sadly misrepresented or lost in current sensationalist media.
Stefanie: WORLDbytes impressed me with its high quality segments and unconventional approaches, stirring up the waters to induce needed change. WORLDbytes hears the unheard and gives voices to the voiceless, which is remarkably- and sadly- rare. I am very excited about getting involved, hoping to gain experience while doing my best to contribute to the cause.
Lara: Worldwrite excites me because it combines my love of journalism, and my need to be part of something that enriches and benefits our world
Miriam: I’m a little lady who dreamed of seeing the world and I’m getting there… the more I see the more I like it. I strongly and firmly believe that this a wonderful world which everyone should be able to see, enjoy, appreciate and live in. What I once dreamed about seeing has changed to wanting to do something positive for it. With WORLDbytes I have the chance to learn about filming and at the same time show a wonderful world where stupid rules generate injustice.
Will: To get into the media is challenging at best but to do so often involves extensive internships, large periods of voluntary work and even more self marketing. Worldbytes takes that worry away and allows anyone to get involved for free not just students with loans, kids with supportive parents etc. WORLDbytes centres on questioning hot topics that affect youth and society. By spending time with the pubic volunteers gain an insight into how the media affects the general public and how the nation feels. This allows the development of impartiality and judgement skills. What can be better than being the one who looks (and reports) on the other side of the story?
Sheilla: I come from a mixed heritage of Omani, Indian and Tanzanian and I have grown up in Africa, Europe and Asia therefore I have a strong sense of global citizenship and I strive for global equality.
Lina: This project combines my interest of tv, media and important questions about the society around us. I also look forward to socializing with people who share my interests.
Vanessa: I admire WORLDbytes for the way they question and challenge ideas. I also admire the way they promote human equality which I think is very important.
Nick: I joined WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes partly out of curiosity and mainly because there is nothing else out there that offers such amazing, fast-paced access to film-making, script-writing and editing. In addition, I found the political aspect very appealing, and I feel I’ve learnt quite a lot through the various projects I’ve been involved with. The charity is a platform for people’s ideas, and the more you put in the more you get out of it.
Ed: I was promised film and arguments. Hard to turn down.
Julianna: I am hoping to work in health policy and international development. I think the work that WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes does is unique and inspirational and am more than happy to get involved whenever time allows.
Charles: I find the work, debates and discussion across a variety of issues, very interesting. I am eager to learn how the process of programming, directing, filming and interviewing comes together to make the finished project. This is a unique opportunity to learn about a key sector of the media.
Segen: I am so happy to work for WORLDbytes because I believe in the causes WORLDbytes covers. I can finally try to make a difference about the things I strongly believe in.
Farah: WORLDbytes offers me the possibility of innovation and creativity. I recognise that volunteers go beyond their call of duty to ensure that the message regarding global equality reaches a wider audience through their easily accessible unique online alternative news channel. I strongly believe this is a cause worth fighting for and I will endeavour to gain as much media-related experience as a news reporter so that one day I too can motivate people to challenge ideas and inspire them to create in their own way a difference in the world.
Emran: I have spoken to various media professionals and the single most important message I have consistently been hearing is that you have to be multi-disciplined. Gone are the days when you had specialist technicians to ’sort out’ your video equipment for you, now you’re the photojournalist, cameraman, blogger and even tweeter rolled into one! Suffice to say that getting this unique opportunity to take part in WORLDbytes’ Train and Shoot scheme is a definite boon and a dream-come-true for me!
Helen: I want to be involved in WORLDbytes because I feel that it is important for people to have a voice which is heard, not just the mass media.
Simon: I have a very creative mind and a great sense of humour.
Rosalynd: I’m alarmed by the mass media machine churning out information for our newsstands and television in Britain. I found WORLDbytes’ thought provoking journalism, locally and globally, an interesting alternative. It is inspiring to find a charity that has put open minded thought on its agenda, and is so able to promote it with a growing squad of young filmmakers. I’d like to help it grow, and learn along the way.
Gizela: I joined WORLDbytes because of the quality of reports that it produces and the wide range of issues that the channel brings to the spot light.
Harryet: I like anything creative, expressing my opinion, making new friends, having new experiences, festivals and raves, learning about everything and everyone and asking questions! I don’t like being rained on, brussel sprouts, twitter, spam emails, forgetting my front door keys and washing up!
Joy: Hey, I’ve got a lot to learn.
Joe: Media in the modern world has a major influence on what people think. I wanted to understand the ‘other side’ of the argument and so I joined WORLDbytes. It has helped me to start forming my own informed opinion about some of the major issues that face our society while also managing to be really fun.
Helder: My name is Helder Da Costa, I work two jobs, one as a steward and the other as a salesman in a phone shop. I initially wanted to do voluntary work to gain experience, but WORLDbytes appeals to me because they are working for the improvement of people’s lives.
Rosy: I am interested in training with worldwrite because I really admire the thinking behind the organisation and I like doing new things.
Bethan: I’m looking forward to contributing to WORLDbytes and WORLDwrite’s rigorous debate, and being involved with an approach to development which puts people first and doesn’t take tired ideas for granted.
Celeste: I would like to go into producing television and documentaries. My interests include politics, culture, fashion and music. I’m a big >>> fan and I love love love lazy days just chilaxing at home with the fam. Peace out!
Mike: I like making and talking about films, particularly when they make a difference.
Maddy: Hi, I’m Maddy and I became involved with WOLRDbytes because I found its approach to social issues refreshingly original and I wanted to be part of a news channel that was making thought-provoking programmes as well as looking at the more widely publicised news stories. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can bring to the project and what skills I will learn from it in the future.
Marika: Hi my name is Marika and I got involved with WORLDbytes because I needed more hands on training with camera and lighting which I did not have much of before. I like the fact that I can make a difference in how people think.
Flora: Telling true stories and being fair to the people whose stories I recount is all that matters to me. So I go from place to place, committing myself to projects I know can have a positive impact. I believe WORLDbytes as an experimental News Channel online has a huge potential to make a difference and because I share their vision I decided to be part of the crew.
Mwela: Hi everyone, my name is Mwlea Ohuonu and I hope my time at WORLDbytes will enable me to learn more about current social issues and make a difference no matter how big or small.
Dan: I love WORLDbyte’s investigations into current development fads. They seem to be one of the few groups who enable people to put forward their perspective. I’m constantly frustrated at the lack of local ‘talking heads’ in the Western media when they cover other countries.
Zoe: I love taking on a challenge, meeting new people and exploring fresh ideas. WORLDwrite is fantastic because its volunteers are given the opportunity to do all three.
Raymond: I have long held an interest in producing media that stimulates the mind as well as the eye. On discovering WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes, the social issues they tackle and the work they produce, I became instantly eager to use my skills to contribute towards this important and dynamic organisation.
Evelyn: I wanted to get involved with WORLDbytes because it seemed a good opportunity to have some experience in media production. All the activities were very fun and educating and I have met so many new people there. Being a volunteer has already really paid off.
Olivia: There are a lot of things I take for granted everyday, they are just too normal to be questioned, but with WORLDwrite & WORLDbytes, I learn to think critically and present my thinking. It’s more than playing with the camera. A great experience.
Theresa: Hi, I am 23 years-old and I want to learn new skills, meet new people and come up with challenging ideas that will hopefully inspire other young people to make a difference.
Magali: This is a great opportunity to gain practical skills. I also like the way WORLDbytes deals with controversial issues.
Suzanne: I have worked and volunteered with a number of organisations from homeless hostels to Refugee Action which deal with some of the issues which WORLDbytes tackles. Now I want to be part of something which helps to raise awareness on these issues to a wider audience whilst learning and gaining knowledge for myself along the way.
Ingrid: I want to produce films, documentaries and videos that will help disadvantaged people. I am very grateful to WORLBYTES for letting me be part of the “train and shoot” because not only will it allow me to enhance my skills but also to work in an environment that is in line with my aspirations.
Rehan: I want to become a cinematographer in the film industry for which experience in the visual arena of production is absolutely essential and I have no doubt that WORLDbytes will provide me with this whilst helping me gain an accurate view of the problems this country needs to address as soon as possible.
Nora: My name is Nora Scheffer. I’m from Slovakia, but I’m Hungarian and my Grandfather and his ancestors were Austrian, hence the surname. Currently I’m job hunting and I’m here to find my way back to the media which I have studied, to documentary making and to train my brain again.
Alice: My name is Alice Henley. I am a film runner currently working on multiple projects. I am involved with WORLDbytes because I am interested in current affairs and what the public think of what is happening in the UK today. It’s important for members of the public to understand our government and to question their thinking. WORLDbytes allows you to discuss and develop ideas in an interesting and thought provoking way.
Joanna: Film is the perfect media format to voice your opinion on the issues which are important to you. Images and words have very powerful impact on the audience, if they are properly edited. I hope to learn a how to prepare a thorough insight, how to operate a camera and how to produce a video reportage.
Ryan: I’m an aspiring journalist on the path to world domination.
Alex: Hey, I’m Alex and am happy to volunteer for an organisation that seeks to promote such positive ideals in a way that is challenging, interesting and yet very accessible and fun. I think WORLDbytes is great, in the fact that it raises issues that are often forgotten in mainstream media, and that it does so unapologetically, independently and while giving us volunteers such great skills and experience.
Amanda: I joined WORLDbytes partly because of my interest in Social & Economic Development and partly because of my interest in film production. But mostly I joined because WORLDbytes gives you the opportunity to explore both. I love the news channel because its informative, clever and thought-provoking in a totally fresh and creative way. Each project challenges and encourages you and your beliefs and always highlights the importance of global equality. It’s a brilliant organisation to be involved with.
Jenny: My main interest is in camera work. I volunteer for WORLDwrite because I enjoy the variety of creative experiences it gives me, and the chance to use film to get out a strong social message is something I’ve always wanted to get involved in.
Mei: I’m passionate about youth voices and participation and I love to learn new skills so WORLDbytes is a great opportunity for me to express my views on important subjects that affect each one of us and learn how to make films at the same time. One day, I’d like to make documentaries for the National Geographic Channel. Until then, I’m doing what I enjoy.
Maruf: I’m originally from Nigeria. Initially I was interested in the actual film production side of things and wanted to get a better understanding of how films are put together. After I learned more about WORLDwrite and what they strive to achieve in the world for people, my first impressions were feelings of being overwhelmed and challenged at the same time. Their unique universal philanthropic views addressing major issues of social and economic dynamics on a local, national and international scale are a tall order for anyone if you ask me, yet despite the enormity of these tasks they make the work fun, educational and a good all-around experience for all volunteers and viewers. I’m proud to be a part of the volunteer team for this project and will report back to you as things develop.
Ruje: I’m the presenter for WORLDbytes and it’s totally fabulous. I look forward to learning how to use a teleprompt and the technical stuff.
Agnes: I joined WORLDwrite because I wanted to use my skills and knowledge for a good cause. I am very interested in the campaigns and issues highlighted by WORLDwrite and on WORLDbytes, they explore injustices and issues that don’t usually get given much time in mainstream news reports. For me, that’s a good enough reason to get involved.
Rhodri: I wish to establish and further constructive dialogue on important world issues via the medium of film so as to aid debate on and procure solutions for these substantial problems.
Robert: I want to be involved in this project as it’s an opportunity for young people to have a voice telling stories that need to be told.
Chloe: I wanted to volunteer with WORLDbytes because I enjoy debating world issues and current affairs. I would like to report on these issues and help make all opinions heard. I also have an interest in the way the media works.
Jasmine: I want to be a part of this program because I like the fact that we can poke fun at and show how ridiculous and naive the government can be, that we are raising awareness of major issues and also I get to be around people who have knowledge and experience of using editing software.
Zaake: I’ve lived in Uganda, Canada and the UK… in all places I have seen people oppressed and I joined this project because their mission is to make this world a better place. The organisation uses extremely creative means which suits my way of thinking – I do agree with worldwrite’s slogan: “ferraris for all!”
Afra: I’m interested in getting working with cameras and to understand what WORLDbytes does to see whether it’s something I’d like to volunteer for in future.
Claire: I got involved with WORLDbytes to gain invaluable practical experience of video production and also because I like how they challenge our view of the world. I had a great time learning all aspects of filmmaking in just a few days and I know it has changed the way I look at the world.
Serena: The reason why I am fascinated by WORLDbytes is the global equality and open debates that it promotes. I have always been interested in Human Rights and Media, this is an area I would like to work in the future.
Luke: I got involved with WORLDbytes because I appreciated how it was able to communicate challenging messages to a wide audience.
Joana: I was born in Lisbon, studied in Strasbourg and now I am living in London. However, its doesn’t matter because at WorldBytes we are all citizens of the world, being here to share equality and to change anything not supporting every human being on Earth. I am very motivated to work in video and to meet creative people.
Robin: I got involved with WORLDbytes both to have the opportunity to learn about filmmaking, and more importantly, because of their inspiring campaigning for global equality and their excellent programmes.
Ruth: I am delighted that I got involved with WORLDbytes because not only did I get to meet some really interesting people, learn loads of new skills and engage in exciting and challenging debates, I got to do something really different and worthwhile with my time.
Rashpal: I have been researching on film history and what attracts me to WORLDbytes is the use of film for humanitarian and beneficial causes. I have made a short film dealing with humanitarian issues and as a result I feel I can relate to the charity’s outlook and projects.
Hazel: WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes challenges many of the small scale efforts of Western charities and NGOs. Solar ovens made of cardboard and unfulfilled Geldof promises need to be exposed. I want to get involved with WORLDbytes productions because of the huge untapped potential there is to satirise what is failing. I also believe in the importance of promoting live debate on a wide range of political hot potatoes with young people.
Hamsa Gaaloa: I would like to change the perceptions of the world we live in, a world where the innocent is guilty and the guilty is innocent. Behind the camera there is a bigger picture, what we see in the media is limited in scope. With WORLDbytes we have the opportunity to call into question what is said, what is done, what is happening and what will happen.
Lu Han: My name is Lu Han, I am studying Science. I watched the video clips on the website and thought I would really enjoy the experience of making videos for WORLDbytes and help to spread and promote the message of global equality.
Isha: I’m a volunteer for WORLDwrite and believe WOLRDbytes is such an important commodity for all. It gives people a voice and challenges us all to think twice. It also allows us to learn about important issues in an environment which welcomes all.
Connor: During my studies I realised the power of the visual and moving image and how, with new media outlets we can effectively harness this to promote our own messages if we are unable to in mainstream outlets. I find WORLDbytes policies and opinions refreshing and personally support them, so I look forward to helping in anyway at all possible.
Nathaniel: WORLDbytes is unique, when dealing with issues that effect everybody NGOs can easily slip into populism and trend-watching but WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes want to challenge conventional opinion, not ride the waves of fashion. They also practice what they preach in terms of volunteer opportunities, everyone is given an equal shot to do what they think they can do for the cause.
Alice: I love documentaries in any shape or form, and I’m extremely excited to participate in the WORLDbytes program alongside other young and aspiring documentary filmmakers.
Mentor: I am getting involved with WORLDbytes because I would like to meet new people and I believe in changing the world to a better place.
Emma Sinclair: I’m excited about being part of WORLDbytes as it will help me to learn and understand more about issues locally and across the world.
Miwaniyon: I’m a great lover of the Arts and passionate about film and I’m very much interested in WORLDbytes because I believe they give a ‘voice to the voiceless’. The organisation is brave enough to touch very sensitive issues as long as it brings help and support for humanity. I am very honoured to be part of that.
Jenny: I work as a PA but I wanted to get involved in something that would give me the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people. WORLDbytes is a great way of doing this while also having the chance to ‘make a difference’, challenge popular views on important issues and discuss issues I believe in.
Michael Naranjo: I think WORLDbytes is a brilliant idea and as always WORLDwrite is thinking big. Challenging ideas really excites me and I look forward to learning how to use film and video to do that.
Shasha: WORLDbytes has provided a fantastic online platform. Its aim of providing clarification and understanding of current issues has deeply attracted me to get involved.
Alex: I am 19 and currently studying Stage Management and my background is in theatre. I’ve got involved with WORLDbytes to work in a different media and try something new whilst learning new skills, the political focus of WORLDwrite makes this more interesting.
Ishan: I want to visualise what works best for everyone and to share equal aspirations.
Dan: I’m 23 and I got involved with WORLDbytes as I am an aspiring documentary maker myself and I really like WORLDwrite’s approach to serious political issues often ignored by mainstream media.
Annisa: Hello, I am Annisa I got involved in this project because I believe it is important that people have alternative news, alongside the mainstream channels so they can begin to build a more rounded perspective and opinion of the world. Most notably, because mainstream news generally offers a close-minded and limited view.
Rebekah: I came across WORLDbytes by accident but was immediately impressed with its unique way of presenting and challenging the social world with new, different and other perspectives. I was keen to get involved!
Joe Van der Voort: I’m involved because I’m tired of hearing the same old rubbish in the media and want to spark some intelligent and positive debate for once.
Millie: Hi I’m from Ghana and have been a volunteer with WORLDwrite for a long time and have learned a lot but because my visa runs out I have to go back but I would like to contribute from Ghana with news stories for the channel and improve my writing.
Eliana: I decided to get involved with Worldwrite and WORLDbytes because I am an aspiring documentary maker myself. WORLDwrite particularly appeals to me because of its engagement with important social and political issues which are often over looked or omitted from mainstream media. I’m particularly excited about being involved in the Sylvia Pankhurst project and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about these inspirational women and I look forward to learning more.
Junaid: I’m Junaid and I’ve been volunteering for WORLDwrite for a few years now. I’m interested in all aspects of the production of the WORLDbytes channel and hope to affect change in the world through creative actions.
Christelle: I got rid of my TV because I felt that I was being misinformed or manipulated to think in a certain way, a narrow-minded way. TV news is country news while I expect it to be world news. With WORLDbytes, I like the fact that it supports the idea of gathering information in a different way than the one we are used to by still using the same medium.
Carlotta: I’m Carlotta, I study in Florence, Italy. I’m here on an internship with WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes. I’m interested in media communication, I think it’s the most powerful way to spread messages and ideas among people.
Kayo: Hi, my name is Kayo Leonnie Kalema, Worldbytes is a project that has inspired me a lot more than I would’ve ever thought, to the extent that I now feel so motivated and confident to confront a lot of today’s current issues, not only in relation to the country we live in, but also my home country Congo. I feel the project will hone a lot of my current skills. I feel because of my curiosity and passion to pursue a career in broadcasting by further engaging myself in all Worldbytes projects, it is my responsibility to seek information, questions and perhaps even some answers on the current states of our human morals and ethics. It’s time, for positive change and I believe it will come if we all contribute in some way. Broadcasting will be my way.
Satish Thiagarajan: I’ve been associated with WORLDbytes for not so long now and I’m liking it a lot. I am basically interested in changing the world.
Deborah: Hello! I’m Deborah, I’m Brazilian I came to London to improve my English, learn new skills and live in a different country. My aim is to make documentaries to discuss political and social issues in a way to help society. WORLDbytes gave me the opportunity to develop skills and ideas, it’s a way to get things done with a productive team.
Nathan: Hiya I’ve been working on the brand spanking new WORLDbytes website for your viewing pleasure.
Karen: My name is Karen Carreiro, I’m 23 years old and Brazilian. I came to London in 2005 as a student, but last year I moved here permanently. The reason why I’m involved with WORLDbytes is because it brings together filmmaking and thought provoking subjects. I believe films are capable of changing lives.
Bea: I Iove to travel, discover new places and roam randomly wherever I am. I’ve been researching and scripting an item for the news channel. All going well I will be filming for it, in the so called “accursed mountains” of north-eastern Albania.
Michael Alhadeff: I have become involved in the news channel because I’m interested in alternative views and have a view to working in that area. I hope to provide valuable contributions to the news channel and give as much input as I feel I can.
Rukia: A news channel which doesn’t churn out the same old stuff has to be good news. I’m interested in learning all aspects of putting a programme together.
Christina: I’m a study-abroad student hailing from Berkeley, California. I decided to get involved in WORLDbytes to help promote alternative news mediums.
Christiano: I am a Brazilian living in London for eight years already and I’m interested in films. I love the opportunity to help people, learn about video stuff and make a difference in society.
Tatiane Vieira: Hi! I volunteer with WORLDbytes because I like to study social issues as well as work with them and I think WORLDwrite develops its projects in a clever and responsible way.
Ning: I am here because I believe in dreams. I believe we can contribute toward a world with better fairness, freedom, and well-being for every human being. It is wonderful to be part of this worthwhile cause.
Jessica: I volunteer at WORLDbytes because it’s great way to become involved in campaigns for greater equity in the world. By being a part of programmes that raise awareness and challenge the status quo, I feel that I am helping to make a small difference. For me personally, it is also a great opportunity to learn the basics of filming and to gain experience and confidence as a reporter. It’s also a great opportunity to meet people who are really motivated, energised and interested in the world.
Tomilola: Hi my name is Tomilola Opanubi and I do various things as a WORLDwrite volunteer, I joined the news channel project because I felt that it targets an area I was focussing on and the work is something that is really needed.
Theresa: I’m a student and am passionate about social issues.
Bisham Dass: I’m from the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. I joined the WORLDbytes team because it has given me the opportunity to use my skills to help challenge ideas, and make a positive worldwide impact. It is my hope that this will generate worthy debate that will one day lead to global equality that both you and I can benefit from.
Liz: It has been an eye-opening experience to have worked with WORLDwrite on the WORLDbytes project. Global processes have sped up the way we connect with each other and the world around us; unfortunately this has not succeeded in an equal way. Working towards a fuller awareness of the inequality that affects the world over is a positive step towards change. A change that will result in equality is well within our global capabilities and is something we should all strive for, lest we shall forever be settling for second best.
Michael: What you see is what you get.
Miranda Howard Williams: I think WORLDbytes is a great place for young people to learn about issues while also being taught how to use film, television and the internet to express these views. I am really excited to be part of this process.
Luwam: WORLDwrite is good fun. I wanted to get involved in an organisation where I can play a part in challenging assumptions in popular thinking as well as develop further my creative skills. Here I get to do both.
Mary: I’m a volunteer with WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes because they offer an important alternative to pitying the developing world. They challenge the notion that people in the developing world aspire to little more than subsistence. Ipods for everyone!
Nadia: I’m hoping to build up more personal good karma; Bob Geldof “charity god” like status not necessary.
Marie: I’m a freelance TV editor and became a volunteer at WORLDwrite so I can use my knowledge and experience to help promote issues which are not always given a voice in the mainstream media, and offer an alternative point of view.
Gus: My name is Gus Wight, I am 23-years-old, and I am interested in using film-making as a complement to practical work in the areas of intercultural relations and peace building. Worldwrite and Worldbytes combine these elements of visual media and activism, and that is why I am keen to be a part of their work.
Zeshan: I’ve been working for charities and came across WORLDwrite through another company. The foundations on which WORLDbytes works are something shared very closely with my own company, The King Khawaja Group.
Peter: I see myself as a filmmaker and I am working with WORLDwrite and the news channel because of their creative approach towards challenging conventional thinking on global inequality.
Claudia: I’m open minded and I never want to stop learning new things. Experiences are what shapes the personality of a human being and that’s why I try to experience as much as I can.
Robert: Who am I: Male, 23 years old. Half French-half English. What I do: Currently freelance as fixer and researcher and logger. Would like to start an independant production company. Why WORLDbytes: Great Programme. Want to learn more skills in lighting & camera work.
Kate: Hi I’m working on the chill out feature because everyone could do with a regular relaxing antidote to today’s hyped up media.
Tatjana: Initially I wanted to get a wide experience in film-making, but then I was amazed by the projects WORLDwrite is involved with, so I decided to get more involved not just for the experience but to promote ideas to people.
Humayun: I have worked on researching and writing for the news channel including coverage of the Battle of Ideas China Now festival.
Katherine: I’d like to broadcast the voices that history and society forgets.
Annabelle: My name is Annabelle I found WORLDwrite by accident a couple of years ago, became a volunteer then went off to study and came back again to volunteer and am already looking forward to this and future projects.
Stephen Thomas: I decided to volunteer with WORLDbytes because they are exciting and innovative with a lot to say about things that matter.
Safiya Greenswood: I got involved with WORLDwrite to use my skills in a way that highlights issues that provoke people to think and question some information presented to us in everyday life.
Kieran Ahern: I joined WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes to help get the message across that everyone deserves the best, and to gain new skills and experience for the future.
Sarah Matelart: I am volunteering with WORLDbytes for four months then I’ll go back to Belgium where I’m a radio journalist. I wanna steal good ideas here and bring them back. In the country where I live we don’t have news channels run by non-professional volunteers. From my point of view, the charity offers two main advantages : first, people working in it are motivated and have a dynamic approach, they don’t do that for money; second, because there is no money behind it, you can afford free speech and give it to minorities.
Ella: I am interested in all sorts of topics, as they all serve as inspiration to this fertile mind of mine and of course anything that can help someone get a more positive perspective on something is something I always like to be involved in.
Lenka: I joined WORLDbytes because I would like to use my knowledge in sound and its exciting to be involved in the film and production to learn new skills.
Katy: I am very excited about the opportunity to work with such an interesting and innovative organisation; my fellow volunteers all have excellent ideas and thoughts that we want to share. WORLDBytes deals with issues that affect everyone therefore we as volunteers gain through our involvement and the public gain as they are exposed to different perspectives on current affairs.
Nely Konstantinova: I believe in revolutions, but in those that happen every day, every hour, in the mind. My moto is “the only constant is change ,” so I try to keep my mind open.
Kareem Ghoniem: This is a favourite quote of mine “the most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the minds of the oppressed”.
Talia: We are very lucky to be able to question our media – shall we make the most of it?
Ashley: I have had a passion for politics for some years now but not the kind you see on sky news. I believe politics is not about right or the left, for me it is about always striving for better. I feel WORLDbytes embraces this ideal and I look forward to volunteering to help create a new way of thinking about the world we live in and the lives we lead.
Max: I joined the WORLDbytes crew to get involved with an organisation that tells the stories that are neglected by the mainstream media.
Tom: Based in Shepherds Bush, west London, my interest in the WORLDwrite mission is strong enough to sustain me through an hour long journey on the overground train to get to East London.
Carol Dodsworth: I have been volunteering at WORLDwrite for more than three years now. I am really happy to be getting more involved in the film production side of things.
Shazia: I joined to get involved in the worthy projects Worldwrite does, helping out with filming and editing where possible, and of course to promote global equality.
Lilana: Being involved with WORLDbytes is giving me the chance to exercise research and writing skills while learning new skills in filming and production.
Karolina: I was looking for like minded people, who try and get to the very bottom of things, challenge common conceptions, expose prejudices, help understand the world around us better and so I found WORLDwrite.
Craig: I decided to get involved with WORLDwrite not only to learn the rudiments of film-making but, more importantly, get involved in debating the social issues of today and how we go about solving them.
Tatiana: Worldwrite shifts the audience attention from ready-made news to actual, humane but overlooked issues taking us a few steps ahead in world awareness and constructive solution-oriented questions. It is an exciting go-ahead for me.
Saleha: For me the exciting thing about the news channel project is content, we need to get a different side of the story told and remain objective and professional. If anyone can do that WORLDwrite can and I’m keen to have a go.
Nat: I’m volunteering for WORLDbytes to find out more about making news programmes. I also wanted to volunteer because I like the fact that WORLDwrite tackles major issues in a unique and positive way.
Emeka Nwachi: My Name is Emeka Nwachi and I am delighted to have been part of the train and shoot programme with WORLDbytes as it was a very good experience and I got to meet a lot of new people.
Syb: Hi, I’m Syb, 24, and I came to WORLDwrite one year ago. Now I am back and the reason for that is that I think there are not many organisations that take equality to another level. Is it Ferraris for all? – I don’t know, but I definitely believe that small scale and pity only projects nurture existing power structures and make westerners feel good.
Jakub: I’m doing WORLDbytes because it talks about issues from different point of view than today’s media. This is always very important as it helps to keep the awareness how things really are and you don’t have to rely on mass media. WORLDbytes also greatly helps to broaden my experience in news and filmmaking.
Talyn Rahman: Konnichiwa. I am WORLDbytes’s political analyst and I am passionate about politics and policy-making. I joined WORLDbytes because I believe the people in the organisation think big and outside of the box, which is important in demonstrating critical global views from a diverse outlook.
Belinda: I am very interested in film, especially documentary, and have made my own short documentaries focusing on regional social issues. I think WORLDwrite’s objectives are important and relevant and look forward to working with them more.
Randy Nundlall: I feel that through the Arts we can promote endless things therefore I am using my artistic background to promote Global Equality. I am involved in the WORLDbytes News channel and helping WORLDwrite to address the current issues of our planet.
Chiedozie: After searching for the ideal place to volunteer I finally got the best in the UK which is WORLDwrite and the WORLDbytes channel where I can upload and do database work and lots more. I am delighted to be here.
Tony: I have always been interested in news and media and this project takes different views seriously and questions all sorts of things, including who can create a news channel.
Christine Christine: The world is a global village, and WORLDbytes is making global connections through its dynamic and hard-hitting programming. WORLDbytes dares to be different by challenging the status quo/ conventions, and I like that ordinary citizens like myself can help make a difference by offering an alternative view of the world.
Tauras Tauras: At WORLDbytes, you can find alternative views from what you’re used to hearing. What’s more, you will learn so much. That’s really inspiring.
Timothy Timothy: I am an artist generally and I have a passion for telling stories through pictures and film making, which is why I got involved with WORLDbytes. I have gained confidence and the experience to advance my career, as well as hearing other people’s views and being given the chance to express my own opinions.
Barbara Barbara: The amazing thing about volunteering for WORLDbytes is that it made me face up to using the social networking media , something I previously dreaded and it also added to my camera skills. I also feel I can go on to add to my knowledge of the media in general – in particular newspapers and blogs. This is something to which I am looking forward.
Adeline Adeline: I find WORDbytes a very interesting charity which offers a good opportunity for young people to get involved in the media industry.
Rob: I am interested in contesting established norms within the media when dealing with issues relating to global and local inequalities, development, and environmentalism.
Jamie: Supporting WORLDbytes informs me both politically and creatively, whilst giving me the opportunity to speak freely on topics relevant to our society.
Aisha: I’m Aisha and I’m a volunteer coordinator at WORLDwrite, I think the news channel will get us all thinking positively about humanity and what we are capable of. Having an open door policy is fantastic as it means everyone who wants to learn and to contribute, can.
Balint: I am from Hungary and have been helping WORLDwrite with editing while improving my English. I think WORLDwrite is doing a very brave thing setting up a news channel with volunteers who are learning.
Elias: Hi, I joined WORLDbytes because I believe in global equality and justice.
Emma: I’m Emma and I’m a volunteer coordinator. WORLDbytes is a great project for me because it gives me a chance improve my skills and to discuss what I really think about what we’re told in the media about London and the world…
Ian: I’m Ian and one of the few “older” crew members for the news channel. I’m a cinematographer and camera tutor and have volunteered for as well as tutored for WORLDwrite for many years. The news channel is going to involve a big learning curve for all of us.
Andy: Hi I am one of the few old people helping out on the News Channel. I have been a WORLDwrite volunteer for many years. My background is in the arts and I’ll be assisting with camera tutoring and maintaining the equipment and studio for this challenging project.
Viv: I’m a WORLDwrite director and our news channel promises to take our work, understanding and ideas to the next level. We all want the world to tune in and I think we have the volunteers here in London to make news programmes that can impact on the world.
Ceri: I’m WORLDwrite’s director. This news channel is going to take some doing with new volunteers every month, new issues to get our heads round and a great deal of organisational and creative wizardry, but with this talented crew of young volunteers already making it happen everything is possible.

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