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Modern movement protest in support of third runway


11. Support for the third r

In the studio a Modern Movement co-founder explains why they planned a protest in support of the Third Runway at Heathrow and freedom to fly for all.

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andrew2544 said:

I think the freedom point wins

alexjorden said:

This an argument that needs more coverage in the press and I’d be interested to hear more from Modern Movement regarding the scientific counter-arguments to climate change. … However I agree with others here that the freedom of movement and the issue of climate change/the environment aren’t mutually exclusive. Surely we can reduce flying without taking away the “right to fly,” for example investment in cheaper, more reliable train travel to replace short haul flights

muchi said:

My granny use to tell me how lucky Im to live in a time when we can fly and travel easily

SarahMate... said:

I fly every year and I enjoy it. It’s a great feeling to be transported to far away countries like Mongolia, China or Bulgaria within few hours. Traveling across the world brings so much in terms of personal developement. We should preserve our freedom of movement.

But on the other hand, climate change is a serious issue, even if planes are reponsible for only 3%.

So, the solution I designed for myself is keep on moving and choose the cleanest way of doing it when it’s possible. Like last year, I had to move from Brussels to Berlin and I chose the train although it was a bit more expensive than the plane. Do you think it’s silly?

johnpaul21 said:

The thing is, everything is posed in terms of what humans want or need versus the environment as though the environment was something in itself to protect apart from human beings. In my view the environment’s worth is what we give it and it should not be the deciding factor when it comes to human freedom. Freedom of movement is a basic so are the means to do it so we need more cheap flights, more runways and yes we need low noise planes, more fuel efficient planes and great compensation for people forced to move house NOT because of nature or for nature’s sake but because it would be better for us PEOPLE

snejanka said:

It is always good to hear another side of an argument, or another opinion, because it reminds us that things are not black or white. Thus, I don’t think it is ( or it shouldn’t be at least)an either/or quesiton, that is, freedom of movement vs the environment. I think if people beleive in the capacity of humans to progress, then why should this progress be necessarily limited to destructive means? So it shouldn’t be a question of making people fly less, but of finding means and technologies that make flying cheaper and less destructive or dependent on the environment. Why there is no big political or economic will ( and I think scientific knowledge at this point in time is not lacking) to do that, is not difficult to see- there are big interestes vested in constructing certaing “realities” arround us and providing us with a certain specrum of “choices”. And I think this should be the starting point in framing everything else.

maggiemay said:

I’d like to see a 3rd runway too, and don’t see why everyone shouldn’t be able to travel the world, regardless of the country they were born in. I suppose that make me lucky I was born in the UK…it permits me to go anywhere, but my Ghanaian friend can’t. She wasn’t given a choice as to where she was born, and neither was I. More runways, cheeper travel and DEFINATELY freedom of movement for ALL!

mariaber... said:

An argument that needs to be heard yes but I would like to know why call yourselves a modern movement is this just about challenging ideas that are anti-modern?