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C.L.R. James documentary selected to screen at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles

We are delighted that our documentary, Every Cook Can Govern, has been selected to screen for its USA premiere at the Pan African festival in Los Angeles, which runs from  9th-17th February 2017. More details are available on the festival website here. This is the first film to explore the life, writings and politics of the great Trinidad-born revolutionary C.L.R. James who died in Brixton in 1989. For information about future screenings, please visit our knowledge portal here. The DVD is available in our online shop here. We also have NTSC versions for those outside the UK  here.

Idox Innovation Awards

It’s not just our volunteers that our picking up awards, our charity is too. WORLDwrite’s ‘Young Citizen TV Makers’ project has been selected as a ‘Rising Star’ at the Idox Innovation Awards. The project was selected by the Awards Panel based on our ability to demonstrate a creative and forward-thinking approach to improving the life of our community.

In the words of the panel, “Young Citizen TV Makers was a professional project which demonstrated wide scope, impressive reach, good partnership working and the ability to teach valuable skills to young people.”

Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

WORLDbytes Citizen TV makers receiving awards for their efforts at Stoke Newington town hall. Congratulations to Lara Slyce, Joanna Walsh and Fraser Myers!


Congratulations to all crew who helped make our spoof series on immigration. We have just heard that we won Best Activist Fiction at the Radical Film Festival! We’re delighted too with the below comment from the judges. You can watch the video here.

NEW PARTNERS: Bett Futures 2017

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Bett Futures 2017, the home of the world’s most inspiring ed-tech start-ups. This is a very exciting opportunity for our volunteer-learner crews to be part of. The details are here and we hope we’ll see many of you there.

FILM PROJECT: The Centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution

In 1917, two revolutions completely changed the fabric of Russia. First, the February revolution toppled the Russian monarchy and established a Provisional Government, a popular phenomenon among Western elites. Then in October, a working class revolution put the Bolsheviks in power and Western elites freaked out. October 1917 shook the world, for some years showed great promise and inspired millions. A hundred years on, we appear to be suffering a powerful historical amnesia. Most commentators now discuss it as leading inevitably to Stalin’s gulags or even Hitler’s Holocaust. With this ‘History Matters’ film project, we aim to explore the broader importance of the revolution that ‘shook the world’ and reflect on the West’s reaction to it. This will include an overseas shoot. For all interested in joining the project, there will be a meeting on Tuesday 7th February at 7.30pm at the WORLDwrite centre in Hackney. Please let us know if you are interested and can attend this meeting, so that we can set up accordingly.

FUNDRAISING: Wednesday 8th OR Thursday 9th February, 11am-3pm OR 7-9.30pm

The charity relies on fundraising and donations to provide its unique, free film training to volunteer-learners; maintain film equipment and run its volunteer centre in Hackney. We need volunteers to help sort out a fantastic collection of DVDs bequeathed to us for our film library and books to be sold online to raise cash for the charity. If you can spare a few hours we’d love to enlist your help.

SHOOT: Don’t Shout at the Telly: Rule by Judges? Sunday 12th February, 2-5pm

As you will know, judges are now deciding on the highly political issue of withdrawing Britain from the European Union; more specifically, on whether parliament or the government has the right to trigger Article 50, which starts the Brexit process. For this ‘on the sofa’ discussion at the WORLDwrite centre, volunteers will be joined by a legal expert, to discuss the implications for democracy. This is a terrific opportunity to be part of a filmed discussion programme as a ‘discussant’ or as a cameraperson. If you fancy the idea we’d love to hear from you.

PROMOTION: Wednesday 15th February, 2-5pm OR 7-9.30pm

It is tempting to think that if you make a great video the world will just watch it. But in reality, how will anyone ever know about it? Mainstream channels have huge budgets to market the TV they produce, our charity has no budget at all but we won’t let that stop us. With your help we can encourage the world to watch our challenging videos. We’d be delighted to see you at our centre for a promotion session where you can make a big difference. Please fill in the Google form here if you wish to help out.

CAMERA TRAINING: Sunday 19th February, 10am-6pm OR Wednesday 22nd February, 10-6pm

This is an intensive training day where you will learn the basics of camera-work, lighting and sound. Volunteers wishing to take part need to have submitted an application form available here and attended an introductory evening. Existing volunteers, who wish to ‘top up’ on camera skills, please email us, to see if there are spaces.

SHOOT: Pitchfork: The morning-after pill

Pitchfork is a new series challenging bad ideas, policy and practice. The first programme will focus on the morning-after pill. Even though you can get it cheaply online, women in Britain are forced to pay up to five times as much for the morning-after pill in High street pharamcies than in Europe (the pill is £30 in Britain – compared to £6 in France). The pill is also only available to women after they visit their GP, a sexual health clinic, or speak to a pharmacist. For many, this mandatory consultation is patronizing and insulting. Women should be trusted to decide for themselves if and when they use the pill and why not sell them in petrol stations and corner shops as condoms are. For the programme, there will be a research and brainstorming day on Monday 20th February, 11am-4pm, at the WORLDwrite centre in Hackney. Shoots will take place on Friday 24th February, 10am-4pm, Friday 3rd March, 10am-3pm, Tuesday 7th March, 6.30pm and Friday 10th March, 7.30-9pm. Click here to join the crew.

SHOOT: Don’t Shout at the Telly: Human Rights, Sunday 26th February, 2-5pm

This is a terrific opportunity to be part of a filmed discussion programme called ‘Don’t Shout at the Telly’ on Human Rights. It’s an ‘on the sofa’ discussion programme with a guest expert. To take part, you will need to read a few articles in preparation (which will be sent to you) and to be at our centre in Hackney at 2pm on Sunday 26th February, for a briefing, sound check and then the big shoot. It will be challenging, fun and promises to raise vital debate as a programme.  If you fancy the idea we’d love to hear from you.

FREE FILM SCREENING: Every Cook Can Govern at the WORLDwrite centre, Thursday 2nd March, 7.30pm

This is a unique opportunity to see Every Cook Can Govern on the life, impact & works of the great Trinidad-born revolutionary C.L.R. James who died in Brixton in 1989. See the trailer here. To book a place, please fill in the form here and we will send you directions to find us.

SHOOT: Chill Out on Immigration

The Chill Out desk is a WORLDbytes show which puts issues in perspective, questions prevailing wisdom and puts paid to panics. According to many, Europe is facing an unprecedented migrant crisis. Yet, it is worth putting into context the numbers of migrants coming to Europe. A million refugees and migrants arrived in 2015. That’s little more than 0.1 per cent of the EU population. There are already 1.3 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon – 20% of the population, the equivalent of Europe playing host to 150 million refugees. Turkey, the country to which the EU is offloading its migrants and refugees, already hosts two million refugees. Compared to elsewhere in the world, refugees are hardly “flooding” into Europe. We should chill out about migrants and support free movement. For those of you interested in joining this project, we are filming on Thursday 9th March, 10am-3pm and on Friday 10th March, 2-3pm.  Click here to join the crew.

SHOOT: My London: Saturday 11th AND Sunday 12th March, 10am-6pm

My London is a programme series idea developed by a group of volunteer-learners who have put forward proposals for a better London for everyone. The first three will be filmed in March including, Watching us-the surveillance of everyday life, Spending a penny-the need for public toilets and Temperance London-the overregulation of our nightlife. For those of you interested in joining this project, there will be a preparatory meeting on Thursday 23rd February at 7.30pm and location ‘reccies’ on Saturday 25th February, 10am-5pm. Click here to join the crew.

OPEN PRODUCTION MEETING: Tuesday 14th March, 7.30pm

For our Citizen TV programmes to keep pushing boundaries, it’s essential to generate new creative ideas and our volunteers always come up with great ones. At this open production meeting we’ll discuss ideas for programmes and line-ups for the year ahead. We’d love to see you at our centre for this special production meeting where your ideas will certainly count. Please let us know if you can attend by filling in our Google form here.


If you are interested in becoming a WORLDwrite-WORLDbytes volunteer and Citizen TV maker, this introductory evening is for you. On the night we’ll give you an overview of our work, explain our short, Easter package and answer your questions. This meeting is a must for everyone wishing to volunteer and you’ll need to apply in good time as places fill up quickly. Click here to apply.

FILM PROJECT: Extremism and the “Prevent” Strategy

The key plank of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, known as “Prevent”, places a legal duty on local authorities, health authorities, schools, colleges, universities and prisons to identify people “at risk” of radicalisation and to alert them to the authorities or face penalties. The strategy defines extremism as any opposition to so-called “British values, including democracy.” But should people be referred to the authorities simply because of the beliefs they hold? Instead of banning ideas and beliefs, shouldn’t we try instead to win hearts and minds through the promotion of universal values especially free speech, democracy and tolerance? Please let us know if you are interested in joining this film project. We’d be thrilled to have you on board!


There is always a voluminous amount of administrative work to be done at our centre, from promotion to research. If you are able to volunteer on any Tuesday or Wednesday please contact us and we’ll rope you in to great effect. We provide references for all volunteers who put the time in to help out. Please email Marisa Pereira if you are available.

Work Experience, placements and internships

As well as our regular volunteer-learner packages, we are delighted to now offer bespoke opportunities to would be interns, students seeking work experience or work placements. You will need to complete our online application here and email us explaining your interest and needs. Opportunities are filling up fast for this summer and even for the autumn, so do get in touch fast, if this interests you.


If you would like to join our on-call crew please email Marisa Pereira.

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