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Women, Freedom & Democracy Centenary Celebration Events 

We are delighted to have won a small grant from the Women’s Vote Centenary Grant Scheme to run an extraordinary day of events on International Women’s Day, 8th March.

These events will celebrate the first women getting the vote and in particular campaigns led by East End heroine, suffragette and revolutionary, Sylvia Pankhurst. We hope you will join us on the day.

Freedom Breakfast Reception & Presentation

10am at The Clapton Table Cafe & Bistro, 159 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 8EQ

Over 1000 women were imprisoned while fighting for votes for women. Many used hunger striking as a political tool and endured force feeding. Breakfast receptions were often held to celebrate their release from prison. Scrolls designed by Sylvia Pankhurst were presented to newly released suffragettes for their political courage. At this unique breakfast reception, contemporary heroines who, in the spirit of Sylvia, have campaigned for freedom and democracy, will be presented the suffrage scroll by spiked columnist and author Ella Whelan. Coffee and cakes will be served. To book your free ticket, please visit our Eventbrite webpage here.

Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is Possible Gala Screening

2pm The Castle Cinema 64 – 66 Brooksby’s Walk, London E9 6DA

Released in 2011, WORLDwrite’s now acclaimed documentary, will screen for the first time in a cinema in Hackney. Aspiring young filmmakers worked with industry professionals to produce this in-depth epic which chronicles Sylvia Pankhurst’s inspiring life as a suffragette and revolutionary. The film is packed with facts from primary sources, rare images, interviews with historians and compelling testimony from Sylvia’s son Richard before he passed away. This film screening is free to attend and school and college groups are most welcome. For group bookings please email us. There will be a drinks reception before the film and brief Q&A with Director Ceri Dingle afterwards. The trailer and reviews are available here. To book your free ticket, please visit our Eventbrite webpage here.

The Centenary Suffrage Tea Party

6.00pm -7.00pm The WORLDwrite Centre, 201 Millfields Road, London E5 0AL

Suffrage cakes, tea and chat with special guests. A chance to discuss and compare notes on democracy, media reporting and coverage of the centenary today, complete with delicious treats. To book your free ticket, please visit our Eventbrite webpage here.

Women: A Success Story

This year, we are making another big documentary to follow our acclaimed films on C.L.R. James, the Russian Revolution and Sylvia Pankhurst. Alongside our normal programme-making we’re putting everything we’ve got into making the documentary of the year on women. Based on the book by Joanna Williams, Women Versus Feminism: Why we all need liberating from the gender wars, we’re making a feature documentary entitled Women: A Success Story as a liberating tale for a new generation.

The book itself is an extraordinarily well-researched tale of feminism’s successes and limitations. Far from controversial, it provides the foundations for bringing men and women together to fight for a better world for us all. It does what so few books do, that is, provide an honest myth-busting history, a challenge to today’s victim culture and an inspiring vision for the future.

For the film, we’re planning interviews with all generations of women and their families. Interspersed with archive, interviews with experts and commentary by Joanna herself, we’ll head back through time to discover how far women have advanced and explore the breakthroughs. Our interviews will bring alive today’s great advances, wonder at the robustness of women and shine a light on the great life we have with men as our allies.  It will provide a real life contrast to women’s contemporary designation as victims in need of protection. It will raise new problems too, which require overcoming a fixation with gender to fix them.

In fact we’re very excited about this film, but we need your help to do it.

As for all our films, we’ll make this one with volunteers. No camera skills? No worries. We’ll provide the free camera training and put all your known and hidden talents to great use. And we don’t just need shooters, we need:

  • Funding champions & fundraisers from sky dives to cake sales;
  • Researchers for subjects, archive, images & music;
  • Social media minders & fearless promoters to put the film on the map;
  • Website wizards, graphic designers and administrators;
  • Would-be producers, photographers and make-up artists;
  • Your relatives, experts to interview and more.

For those of you interested in joining the project, there will be an open crew meeting at the WORLDwrite centre on Thursday 19th July, 7.30pm. Scroll down for more information and we look forward to hearing from you.

SHOOT: Picnic with author Joanna Williams, Sunday 5th August, 1pm-5pm

This is a filmed picnic with Joanna Williams, author of Women Vs Feminism: Why We All Need Liberating from the Gender Wars. Joanna’s book is an extraordinarily well-researched tale of feminism’s successes and limitations, which influenced our new film on women. Far from controversial, it provides the foundations for bringing men and women together to fight for a better world for us all. It does what so few books do, that is, provide an honest myth-busting history, a challenge to today’s victim culture and an inspiring vision for the future. For this shoot in Victoria Park, volunteers will have the opportunity to be ‘in front’ of the camera and ask Joanna pertinent questions on the topic. Email us to see if there are spaces.


Despite most people believing in equality, many women are reluctant to call themselves a feminist. The Fawcett Society recently revealed that only nine per cent of women in the UK call themselves feminists. It explained away this stat by claiming that ‘we are a nation of hidden feminists’. ‘The simple truth is if you want a more equal society for women and men, then you are in fact a feminist’, the Fawcett Society concluded. Are we really a nation of hidden feminists as they suggest, or are feminists just struggling to win the hearts and minds of the majority of people? For this shoot, volunteers will be divided into crews and hit the streets to ask the public on camera what they think of these topics. We need lots of camera volunteers, interviewers and producers to make up some great crews for the day. Email us to join the crew.

NEW INTRODUCTORY MEETING: Thursday 13th September, 7.30pm

Are you an aspiring filmmaker who wants to get that first programme made? Or are you just looking for something exciting and different this year? If so, WORLDbytes is providing a FREE part-time training package for young adults aged 16 to 25. No one is turned away, but to take part, you do need to complete a simple application form and attend an introductory evening at the WORLDwrite centre in Hackney on Thursday 19th July at 7.30pm. Click here to apply.

BATTLE OF IDEAS PREPARATION & PROMOTION: Wednesday 26th September, 2pm-5pm OR 7pm-10pm

At these sessions, we will do lots of tasks and promotion to ensure our new documentary entitled Women: A Success Story, which is premiering at the Battle of Ideas Festival at the Barbican, makes an impact. From targeting Facebook groups, writing good old press releases to newsletter design, there is plenty to do, to ensure the world knows about this epic film. Email us and we’ll put your time to great use.

CAMERA TRAINING DAY: Saturday 29th September, 10am-6pm

This is an intensive training for volunteers shooting with us at the Battle of Ideas, where they will learn the basics of camera-work, lighting and sound. Email us to see if there are spaces in the crew.


This is a key day for all Battle of Ideas volunteer-shooters to understand how we will shoot debates, to discuss the logistics, lay out, set up, crew rota and timings. The day will end with a visit to the Barbican to understand set up and layout. If you would like to join the Battle of Ideas crew, please email Marisa Pereira.

CAMERA PRACTICE: Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd October, 2pm-5pm OR 7pm-10pm

These camera practice sessions are mainly for Battle of Ideas volunteer-shooters, to ensure they are able to operate as professional crew members at this amazing festival. If you would like to join the Battle of Ideas crew, please email Marisa Pereira.

SHOOT WEEKEND: The Battle of Ideas Festival, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October, 8am-8pm

We are thrilled to be once again the key media partners for this year’s Battle of Ideas festival taking place at the Barbican in October. Our Citizen TV School will take a large professional crew of volunteer-shooters to film numerous debates over the weekend. This is a unique chance to gain professional film experience, listen to internationally renowned speakers, while getting credited on the programmes filmed too. Volunteer-shooters must be able to attend the full festival weekend, take part in the specialist training days and attend two practice sessions. For more information about the Battle of Ideas festival, click hereEmail us to see if there are spaces.


There is always a voluminous amount of administrative work to be done at our centre, from promotion to research. If you are able to volunteer on any Tuesday or Wednesday please contact us and we’ll rope you in to great effect. We provide references for all volunteers who put the time in to help out. Please email Marisa Pereira if you are available.

Work Experience, placements and internships

As well as our regular volunteer-learner packages, we are delighted to now offer bespoke opportunities to would be interns, students seeking work experience or work placements. You will need to complete our online application here and email us explaining your interest and needs. Opportunities are filling up fast for this summer and even for the autumn, so do get in touch fast, if this interests you.


If you would like to join our on-call crew please email Marisa Pereira.

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