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C.L.R. James documentary selected to screen at the African Diaspora International Film Festival in New York City

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our film on C.L.R. James has been selected as part of the 25th annual African Diaspora International Film Festival being held in New York City from November 24 to December 10, 2017.  More details are available on the festival website here. This is the first film to explore the life, writings and politics of the great Trinidad-born revolutionary C.L.R. James who died in Brixton in 1989. For information about future screenings, please visit our knowledge portal here. The DVD is available in our online shop here. We also have NTSC versions for those outside the UK  here.

WORLDbytes feature in Arsenal FC’s Matchday Programme

We are delighted to feature in Arsenal’s Matchday Programme. The Arsenal Foundation has supported WORLDbytes innovative VIEWSBOX project, to upskill young people to film and interview the public on key issues from freedom to homelessness. Click here to read more.

Idox Innovation Awards

It’s not just our volunteers that our picking up awards, our charity is too. WORLDwrite’s ‘Young Citizen TV Makers’ project has been selected as a ‘Rising Star’ at the Idox Innovation Awards. The project was selected by the Awards Panel based on our ability to demonstrate a creative and forward-thinking approach to improving the life of our community.

In the words of the panel, “Young Citizen TV Makers was a professional project which demonstrated wide scope, impressive reach, good partnership working and the ability to teach valuable skills to young people.”

Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

Congratulations to Danish Khairul, Morgan Wroe, Antony Farag, Hleb Voukau and Natalia Kosmala for their Jack Petchey Achievement Award and for all their hard work.


NEW PARTNERS: Bett Futures 2017

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Bett Futures 2017, the home of the world’s most inspiring ed-tech start-ups. This is a very exciting opportunity for our volunteer-learner crews to be part of. The details are here and we hope we’ll see many of you there.

NEW VOLUNTEERS INTRODUCTORY EVENING: Thursday 9th November at 7.30pm

If you are interested in becoming a WORLDwrite-WORLDbytes volunteer and Citizen TV maker, this introductory evening is for you. On the night we’ll give you an overview of our work, explain our training package and answer your questions. Click here to apply.

Brighton Premiere of Every Cook Can Govern: Saturday 11th November, 4pm

Join us on Saturday 11th November at 4pm at the BMECP Centre (10A Fleet Street, Brighton, BN1 4ZE) for the Brighton premier of Every Cook Can Govern. This free screening will be followed by a Q&A with Co-Director Ceri Dingle. Please note, this screening looks set to fill up very quickly, so book now to avoid disappointment. Places are easy to book here. Refreshments will also be available.

PREPARATION FOR SHOOTS: Tuesday 21st November, 7.30pm

At this preparatory session we will discuss the ‘Don’t Shout at the Telly’ programme we are shooting on Saturday 9th December on Philip Cunliffe’s new book, Lenin Lives!, and our popular Xmas Political Game Show we are preparing for Sunday 10th December. We will need to cover content as well as logistics, so this is a must! To get involved, email us.

FILM SCREENING: 1917: Why the Russian Revolution Matters: Sunday 26th November, 12pm-2pm

To mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution, the charity is screening, 1917: Why the Russian Revolution Matters, our new myth-busting documentary which brings to life humanity’s greatest experiment in social change. Through compelling interviews, incisive analysis and extraordinary archive, it explores the context, causes and consequences of 10 days that shook the world and went on to define politics and international relations through the rest of the twentieth century. See the trailer here. We hope you can join us on Sunday 26th November at 12 noon at the delightful Castle Cinema in Hackney (64 – 66 Brooksby’s Walk, London E9 6DA) for a chance to see the film. Do bring family and friends too.  Sunday lunch in a bun will also be available and a great bar. Tickets are available here.

CAMERA TRAINING: Saturday 2nd December, 10am-6pm

This is an intensive ‘hands on’ practical training day where you will learn the basics of camera-work, lighting and sound. Those with film experience will also need to attend to gain familiarity with WORLDbytes equipment. Lunch will be provided.  Volunteers wishing to take part need to have submitted an application form available here and attended an introductory evening. Existing volunteers, who wish to ‘top up’ on camera skills, please email us, to see if there are spaces.

SHOOT: 10 Questions, Sunday 3rd December, 10am-5pm

On this one day studio shoot, we will be creating a programme with a blue-screen backdrop, which we will then insert images into in the edit (so don’t wear any blue!).  The idea is to put forward radical proposals for a better London for everyone.  Everyone will have a go at drafting these and the ten best questions will feature. Each volunteer will deliver a short piece to camera on a London-based issue – e.g. life in Westminster, living standards, immigration, education, infrastructure, and I’m sure you can think of more.  Everyone will have a go at speaking to camera, working behind the camera and operating the auto-cue. If you would like to take part, please email Marisa Pereira.

SHOOT: Don’t Shoot at the Telly: Lenin Lives!, Saturday 9th December, 1pm- 5pm

We’ll be filming a discussion with author Philip Cunliffe on his new book entitled Lenin Lives!: Reimagining the Russian Revolution 1917-2017. The book lays out a narrative account of how history might have happened differently if Lenin had lived long enough to see the global spread of the Russian Revolution to Western Europe and the USA. Volunteers will be given a copy of Phil’s book to read and assess in advance and we hope the chat will flow during the shoot. Some will be in front of the camera and some will be filming. Please note that to take part in this filmed discussion, you will need to attend a preparatory meeting on Tuesday 21st November at 7.30pm. If you wish to take part, please email us.

SHOOT: Political Game Show, Sunday 10th December, 1pm – 5pm (followed by Xmas drinks)

This will be a fun Political Game-show filmed with guests and volunteers probably in the WORLDbytes studio and will be based on key contemporary themes. Though it will follow the format of popular TV game shows, the goal will be to pose and ‘send up’ political issues. It will be structured around group and individual rounds of ‘challenges’. See our last show here. Only a few people will be involved as runners and camera assistants due to limited space. Please email us, to see if there are spaces.

FILM PROJECT: The centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution

Although our film on the 1917 Russian Revolution is now finished, the journey is not over. In the next few months we have plenty of screenings and promotion to do, to ensure the film is seen by as many people as possible. Unlike mainstream TV and commercial outfits we have no marketing budget- but with your help we can ensure thousands get to know about it. So if you have lots of time to volunteer or very little or are looking for an internship or work experience or like us, just hope to make an impact with challenging ideas, we’d be thrilled to have you on board. We don’t need CV’s and we welcome volunteers from around the corner and across the globe. To get involved, email us.

FILM PROJECT: 21st century women 

Today more young women go to university than men, socially, women are more visible, vocal and no longer restricted to domestic drudgery. Hardly anyone believes women are inferior too. Nevertheless, there has been a resurgence of high-profile campaigns that declare women as oppressed as ever. There is even talk of women suffering from a ‘rape culture’. Women are portrayed as vulnerable and as victims, incapable of dealing with offensive language, sexual advances and their own love life.  In the year ahead, we want to produce a major film where we interview strong and resilient women in all walks of life and reflect on the economic, political and social progress that has been made over the last few years. For those of you interested in joining the project, there will be a meeting at the WORLDwrite centre soon. So please email us if you are interested in this project.


There is always a voluminous amount of administrative work to be done at our centre, from promotion to research. If you are able to volunteer on any Tuesday or Wednesday please contact us and we’ll rope you in to great effect. We provide references for all volunteers who put the time in to help out. Please email Marisa Pereira if you are available.

Work Experience, placements and internships

As well as our regular volunteer-learner packages, we are delighted to now offer bespoke opportunities to would be interns, students seeking work experience or work placements. You will need to complete our online application here and email us explaining your interest and needs. Opportunities are filling up fast for this summer and even for the autumn, so do get in touch fast, if this interests you.


If you would like to join our on-call crew please email Marisa Pereira.

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