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Nightlights: Tackling Hillsborough


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In this experimental new show, filmed as the light fades, volunteers and expert guests tackle Hillsborough and the tragic manslaughter of 96 football fans at an FA cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest 25 year goes. Now the subject of an inquest, this programme takes a different tack and examines the political context which gave rise to these horrific deaths and looks at what has changed today. Both timely and revealing, it’s a wakeup call not be missed.

Related topics: Debates, Social Change

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Rohit said:

“you not only have to deal with the police now in football, you also have to deal with the thought-police. Football has become the arena in which the new kind of policing of language has reached its most absurd lenghts”,well said Mick Hume.

George said:

Amazing video. Even if you are not interested in the greater issues facing society today you can still relate to the points raised here simply as a fellow human being.

Aman said:

As football is one of my biggest passions, the Hillsborough disaster is an issue very close to my heart. As somebody who regularly attends matches I could not imagine never coming home from one and my family being treated in such a disgraceful manner by the authorities and media. This is a very interersting programme which I would reccomend to everybody.

Natasha said:

The government have always wanted to control the population’s behaviour through various means including blaming Hillsborough victims for the events, the way fans used to be treated ignored people’s rights. As the people on the panel discussed, the way football fans were treated like animals and a threat to society was degrading and unjust.

funmi said:

Football matches are meant to be a place of fun, where people unite to celebrate a sport they love. However the current policies such as the ‘bubble ‘ matches where away fans have to be taken to the matches by licensed coaches and pick up their tickets on their way to prevent any violence between the two different teams, these restriction take the fun out of the beautiful game. I was surprised to find out how restrictive the laws being imposed on the football fans were.

Rezwana said:

I found this programme about the Hillsborough incident really interesting. Although the police might not be as brutal as in the 80s, football fans are still treated as school children. I was shocked to find how football language is increasingly being censored, such as the ‘Yid army’ chant.