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Open Borders: Tiku’s story


Open Borders: Tiku's story

Zambia’s dependence on copper, we learn in this short story, left it in a difficult position post-independence and boxed-in. Separated from her better-off husband, Tiku’s mother headed for Britain as an economic migrant and Tiku followed. The search for a good education that will lead to higher paid work, he explains, is what motivates young Zambians to migrate. Tiku has now graduated but has yet to find his dream job.

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Travis said:

Tiku’s story is by no means glamorous, but it sheds light on one of the most common reasons for immigration into the UK, which is higher education. He is driven and motivated; he came here to complete college and has done so. Even with his degree, he is still unemployed in a challenging job market and this is a realistic and relatable position for anyone of his age, native or immigrant.

Vijayta said:

He brings up the valid point that a popular reason for immigration is higher education. Oftentimes, one’s home country does not necessarily offer the standard of education, or boast competence in a person’s desired field of study.

Mijanur said:

It’s true that so many people migrate to other countries for a better life. Most of the time it is met, however it does often fall short of expectations. It’s nice to see that even when it isn’t going according to what someone has expected, they still are fond of what they acheive and have plans on how they can move forward.

Wez said:

We should be honest to people who want to come here and study that their countries are not poor because of low levels of education but because of lack of investment. Britain didn’t become a rich country because everyone had degrees far from it in fact the UK started making it easy for everyone to get degrees (and a lot of rubbish ones) when its economy started to slide and unemployment was on the rise.

Georgie said:

Good point by JD about education although thinks a lot of unis will collapse without overseas students thats why Cameron wants more Indian students to come here.

JD said:

Like the bit of Zambian history. While I think people should be able to move freely for any reason I do think Tiku sees education as a way out, it isn’t and do we want it to be? A lot of overseas students pay for rubbish courses in Britain and are sold a myth that a degree will get you a great job. Education should not be jobs based but knowledge based in my view.

Mohammed said:

In this film I was reminded of left wing campaigns for asylum seekers (preferably writers or activists) in the past. They focussed on a few cases only but this approach meant that ‘economic migrants’ who weren’t poets or something got relegated to second place in the most favoured migrants list. At the time I thought their politics and strategy were a bit rank.