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Open Borders: Vivita’s story


Open Borders: Vivita's story

Born in Kuwait but never a citizen, for Vivita travelling across the world to work is normal. British passport holders have more freedom to travel than anyone else she points out, yet they don’t and they prefer to stay in a small place. Vivita loves London but is unimpressed by the British NHS and her aspirations are hampered by her only having a ‘dependent’s visa.’

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Travis said:

Vivita’s story is one of professionalism. She approaches the topic of open borders from the perspective of a smart, working adult, and the challenges that visa regulations have brought to her ability to pursue a career. With only a dependent’s visa, Vivita faces reluctant employers and therefore is not getting the opportunities she deserves within the workforce. She notes that jobs should, and mostly are, given based on merit, and immigrants are not here to ‘steal’ them from other applicants.

Vijayta said:

She presents a very holistic outlook on the act of immigration. We are invited to consider people by their qualifications, not by nationality, a relevant outlook in this age of interconnection. She sheds some light about what it is to live in developing countries, showing that it’s not as negative as sometimes portrayed. In addition to considering all perspectives, she also talks of actual visa regulations, which is informative if not aware of the actual circumstances of immigrants.

Mijanur said:

Such a wonderful insight into Vivita’s family and their past. It’s amazing to find out how different families have adjusted to such different cultures and how it has developed them as individuals and a family as a whole. Looking forward to more of these Open Borders stories.

Vivita said:

Actually throughout the centuries, British people have been exploring the world. They have wanderlust in their blood.

Madhurima said:

The story about the Pasris (Iranians) was so beautiful!

James Lonsdale said:

The NHS comment made me crack up laughing. Next time I’m ill I’ll look for a flight to India!!!!!!

Paloma said:

Agree makes a change to get the story of someone moving for work who just thinks this should be normal and without obstacles, border controls really are the red tape that needs to go.

San T said:

Nice story very engaging woman a refreshing change from the usual pity fest.

Hamish said:

It probably is true that British people stay put and wouldn’t dream of moving countries to get a job or seeing that as normal-good point.

Jane Unwin said:

Great video plus graphics laughed out loud at the point about the British NHS, so true and so few people are prepared to say how rubbish it is and they think people want to come to the UK to use it…that’s a laugh.